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January 26, 2009

Who needs enemies?

Bush claims “no more terrorist attacks” as his hallmark, his grand achievement.

Most would agree that Osama bin Laden is not just evil, but also intelligent. He could never hope to corrupt our Department of Justice or squander hundreds of billions in no-bid contracts or force us into unneeded wars costing trillions. He could not divide our country or help destroy our economy. Bush, on the other hand, accomplished all of these objectives.

All claims of thwarted terrorist plots have proved to be bogus. Dick Cheney and company inflated and outright fabricated such conspiracies to justify wanton killing, wasted billions and broken laws. Our safety was not a product of Bush’s vigilance.

Osama never attacked us again because it would only have disrupted the work of his best lieutenant, Mr. Bush.

Thomas Stroud
Overland Park



Here's a column on point:




"Welcome to the jungle, Arminius. Have you decided to answer Solomon's question yet?"

I'm waiting for solomon to address his question to me.

"Except that it's actually true. Armi's tossing the BS this time, per usual."

The record shows that terrorist attacks have been thwarted during the past seven years. It is a lie to say they have not.


Statements have been made that serious plots have been foiled. I don't know whether this is true or not but neither do you. If serious plots were foiled it would not be wise either to divulge them or to reveal how they were found out and foiled.



Forget about my question, which is a valid one and reveals his hypocrisy on the issue and the fact that his opinion is based in a racist attitude. He shows us exactly what kind of person he is by not answering it, just as he does by engaging in hero worship of a deceitful murderer.

jack(louie) had the best idea yesterday, trash to the trash bin.


Welcome to the jungle, Arminius. Have you decided to answer Solomon's question yet? Or even my question about your charge of anti-Semitism from a few weeks ago? Or will you be calling people names and running off again?


""All claims of thwarted terrorist plots have proved to be bogus."

That's complete BS."

Except that it's actually true. Armi's tossing the BS this time, per usual.


Pub 17:

"I don't read books, Dan."

I think we all figured that out long ago.


Tom would make a great fertilizer salesman. He shoveled out one lie after another.

There were no no-bid contracts for work in Iraq. KBR/Halliburton won the five-year LOGCAP contract in 2001. That covered work in Iraq in 2003.

Afghanistan was an unneeded war? And how would have Tom dealt with the threat posed by Saddam Hussein?

"All claims of thwarted terrorist plots have proved to be bogus."

That's complete BS.


Anger management classes might be oin order too, Dan. Anger will kill you, and you seem about to go nu-kew-lar.



That misunderstanding was obviously my fault. I took your comments seriously, mostly because you have wanted to be taken seriously in the past. I now see that your comments should be disregarded as un-serious. My mistake.

Pub 17

Seriously, Dan. Go back on the meds, lie down for a bit, have a cup of joe, do whatever you do to get your synapses firing again.

Dan Beyer

This isn't the forum to disclose the sins of your past.

Pub 17

Now Dan's gotten actively incoherent. Once again we've crossed a line, and this gets too much like poking sticks at the kid in the wheelchair in the fourth grade.

Dan Beyer

Wow we've got some bright ones here today don't we?
I didn't say the military was going to buy flowers. I said that the talking heads on the boob tube that we idolize want us to knock down our defenses because they think peace will come that way. Boy I'll bet you guys are fun to bring to a comedy act!
"Explain to me again why the chicken even wanted to cross the street in the first place?"

Pub 17

"With friends like these, who needs enemas?"
-Ben, in Short Circuit


As i said earlier, he is not a homophobe, just a fanatic. Reminds me a bit of the Phelps girls, just more manly, except for their goatees.


"Who try to discourage manliness. Who want a metrosexual Armed Forces and such to throw flowers at the enemy because bullets are just too yucky!"

Dan, is this a joke? If not, I'd love to see some examples of this. I was in the military for five years and never once was encouraged to stock up on flowers to throw at enemies.

Pub 17


Hey hey hey hey!


"I used the word effeminate as a description for those who hate manliness. Who try to discourage manliness."

Dan's a HUGE Village People fan. Bring back chest hair and 'staches!

Pub 17

WOW! Danny Boy now claims the right to define words as he sees fit. What a GUY.

Rouge-since the books I write don't have any pictures at ALL, you wouldn't be interested. What happened, light crowd at lunch? You got a good crew there. And I was surprised, I thought Big Cheese Pizza had pulled out of the KC market.

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