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February 01, 2009

A way to stem CEO pay

We need three new income tax brackets in order to catch some of the people who have prospered from the suffering of those who have lost their homes and jobs.

There should be a 50 percent rate starting at $750,000 a year, a 75 percent bracket starting at $1,500,000 a year, and a 100 percent rate starting at $3,000,000.

This would not bring in much money to the government, but it would put a lid on some of the insanely high salaries and bonuses that have been in news lately. It would also make the general public feel a little better by knowing that the pain of the recession is at least partially shared by the rich.

Henry Wiebe
Lee’s Summit



Or...maybe we could all just stop doing business with the banks whose executives are bingeing on our tax dollars. Let them get a taste of their customers' version of the free market.

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