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February 28, 2009

Abortion is a selfish choice

There are truths that reach out to all of us when we consider the act of abortion. One truth is self-evident. An evolution in the womb will inevitably create a life. Abortion ends that process, regardless of your beliefs in the timing of a heartbeat or in the moment of conception.

The Freedom of Choice Act is a socially poised legislation to give women who do not want a baby permission to terminate the pregnancy “prior to fetal viability” for any reason, and prohibits interference with the mother’s choice. Who determines “fetal viability?”

The real issue of abortion lies within the reasons behind the choice. The reasons are self-serving without consideration for the respect of a life being created. Are we so omnipotent that we can choose to end a life? Doesn’t every being have the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” Who are we to interfere with these basic human rights?

Whatever your beliefs, we acknowledge that there is a process in the womb that will eventually result in creation of a life. Interfering with that process, abortion, will end it. We, the people, do not have that right.

Anthony J. Tarantino Sr.
Overland Park



And, the point of the article is what? If you feel it is selfish...how is that any of your business?

Since when is being selfish illegal?



I agree that it is a very personal issue.


Solomon, I noted your use of the word "most", but I don't think you can even make THAT argument. I think every single case is so personal that you can't even say "most" are selfish.



Disagree all you want, seems like you are attempting to say my opinion is wrong and you are correct. I have repeated three times in this thread now that my use of the word "selfish" is not a condemnation or a judgment that someone is "bad". It also sounds like you make excuses for and try to explain why a woman chooses to have an abortion, while I am content to say she is within her rights to do so.


Oy, Soloman, okay, a blanket except for one tiny corner where my feet are hanging out and getting cold. Do you normally wear people out by arguing semantics? I'll have to go back and check. Have you ever thought to yourself, "hmmm...maybe I'm wrong on this one"? What I'm getting from your argument is, if a woman has an abortion, 99% of the time it is because she is selfish. And selfish is: concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others. Not a pretty word, and yes, a condemnation. I just think that is a simplistic argument that doesn't ring true. Okay, I'm done.



Even when I point out that I used the word "most" in my post you still want to say it is a blanket statement. Maybe you need to look up the word "most".

Under the law in the United States of America a woman has the right to choose and I would not deny her that decision. IMO, in "most" cases, a woman decides this on a personal level with her self interests at heart. That is in no way a condemnation or criticism.


"You are saying that if a woman who is against abortion finds herself pregnant with multiple fetuses she should destroy some, in effect denying her the right to choose."

Not at all, Soloman. I'm saying that the complexities of choice, both choosing to have a baby and choosing abortion defy a blanket condemnation of "selfish." And it is a condemnation, despite your protests that it is not.


..."is a selfish decision in most cases"-solomon at 8:19:40 am in this thread

Funny how you all missed the word "most" in my post.


Condemnation does not enter into my opinion. Abortion is legal and it is a woman's right.

As I stated in this thread, the word "selfish" is not a judgment of "bad". Nor am I stating that all pregnancies fit the same mold. I'm saying they are all the result of actions taken. You want to throw rape and broken rubbers into the mix, fine. Come up with a % of how many abortions are performed for those reasons. I doubt anyone will be shocked to find it at a very very small number.

gg, the Octomom is an anomaly that doesn't belong in any reasonable discussion of abortion. You are saying that if a woman who is against abortion finds herself pregnant with multiple fetuses she should destroy some, in effect denying her the right to choose.


"Don't quite get your argument here XVII. If not a selfish choice what would you call the decision to terminate a pregnancy because it is both legal and convenient?"

Solomon, I take serious issue with your "almost always selfish" statement. I know women who have terminated pregnancies, and sometimes it's been decades after the fact that they've told me. I listen to their reasoning for their decisions: panic, lack of confidence they'd be able to be a single mom, terror over what their friends and family would think, deep deep regret over having been careless enough to let it happen, furious over failed birth control...I realize it is not for me oor anyone else to judge.

So then you might ask why they didn't just give the baby up for adoption. Think about a panic stricken young woman, desperate to not have gotten pregnant in the first place, maybe a little weak in spirit,going through an entire pregnancy and then facing giving the child away, wondering all the rest of her life where that child is. Call that selfish if you wish, but I've also heard it described as "self-preservation". Some people just aren't strong enough to deal with it. I wouldn't condemn them for that.

In 1967, a friend of our family was a senior in HS when she got pregnant. She disappeared to an unwed mothers home, had the child and gave her up for adoption. Abortion was not an option back then. The government made the choice for her.

She went on to college and couldn't make a go of it, even though she had always been a model student. She got married to man she wasn't particuylarly crazy about, and decided she never wanted children, even though I can't imagine anyone who would have made a better mother. Her spirit was broken. She divorced when she was 30. She died from breast cancer when she was 32. I didn't find out about the child until after the birth mother's death, and I was devastated. I finally understood why she had changed so much (for the worse) since high school.

I'm not presenting a case for abortion. I'm trying to illustate that this is an intensely personal decision that I believe every woman should have the choice to make. Maybe our friend would never have opted to have an abortion and her life would have slid down the toilet anyway. But she had no choice.

Selfish is a relative term anyway. If you think women who have abortions are casually discarding a human life for the sake of convenience, because a baby would derail their life plans, cost too much or take up too much time -- please give women more credit than that. I'm sure some women are able to view the situation that coldly, but I wouldn't say they are the majority.

Pub 17

solomon, you find a 100% effective means of birth control, your fortune is made. You find a world in which no man has ever lied to a woman about his "vasectomy," in which no man ever forced himself on a woman, in which no fifteen-year-old girl honestly believed that you can't get pregnant if [insert myth here], and I'll go live in it tomorrow. Ascribing all unwanted pregnancies to thoughtlessness, selfishness, unwillingness to accept responsbility? Indefensible.


Soloman, calling the choice selfish is a judgment - you basically said so with "just be honest and call it what it is." The selfish argument is interesting, though. What it the woman has an abortion because she is overwhelmed taking care of her current kids and thinks they would be adversly affected by another sibling? On the flip side, seems to me that Octomom was the most selfish of all to choose to HAVE all eight of her babies. So it's selfish both to have babies and have abortions. Figures, women just can't win.


v-v and Pub,

You are both under the impression that I am saying that to be selfish is necessarily a "bad" thing. It is not a judgment, just a fact. If a woman wants to terminate her pregnancy that is her right under the laws in the US. Just be honest though and call it what it is.

IMO, the entire "its a baby/its a group of cells" debate is BS. An irresponsible decision to have unprotected sex by people who don't want babies is the point. Be sensible and take precaution.


In Right-Wing-World it's good to be selfish when making business or political decisions.

But it's bad to be selfish when deciding whether to have a baby.

Hypocrisy is the hallmark of conservatism.

Pub 17


What DOESN'T that apply to? Every time I act out of self-interest, that's selfish? If I buy a McDouble and eat it, that's selfish, and if I give it to a passer-by who looks hungry, that's not?


So, by your logic, abortion leaves room for someone else to have a baby?

The definition of selfish is to make a decision based on ones own self interest.

Pub 17

Only if you redefine the word "selfish" to the point of useless generality. By that definition buying a seat to a concert is "selfish," becasue you're denying someone else that seat.


Don't quite get your argument here XVII. If not a selfish choice what would you call the decision to terminate a pregnancy because it is both legal and convenient?

Call things what you want, a woman makes the choice to not have a baby because she wants to, which defines "selfish".

Pub 17

"Everybody realizes" nothing of the sort, solomon. I'm perfectly willing to let only those with functioning ovaries make not only the personal but political decisions on this one.


What you mean "we" Kemosabe? Luckily Mr. Tarantino will never have to worry about being selfish in this respect. He could try being empathetic, but I don't see it happening.


Everybody realizes that abortion, although perfectly legal in the United States, is a selfish decision in most cases. It is a reaction to a choice made without consideration of the consequence (pregnancy).

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