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February 18, 2009

Beer’s alcohol content

A bill that would allow Kansas grocery and convenience stores to sell 5.0 beer is up for consideration in the Kansas Legislature (2/6, A-1, “Topeka session cracks open a six-pack of debate”). Most people do not realize that there is little difference in alcohol content between 3.2 beer and 5.0. One is measured by weight, and the other is by volume.

Beer in the 3.2 category is actually not much different from many regular domestic lagers on liquor store shelves, since its alcohol content is measured by weight as opposed to volume, which is how alcohol content is usually reported. Coors Light and Bud Light, for example, have an alcohol content of 4.2 percent by volume, according to Realbeer.com. If 3.2 beer were measured the same way, its alcohol content would be listed at 4 percent.

Scott Meyer
Overland Park


Stifled Freedom

I dont really care. There is no need for state law to differentiate between the two. Either is illegal to be consumed by poeple under 21. Availability in convenience or liquor stores is irrelevent.


I'm recalling a Monty Python skit that included the following joke:

"American beer is like making love in a canoe....It's f$#&ing close to water!"


A couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary in Coors Light makes a good beer can chicken. And I’ve heard that marinating chicken is the only use for Bud Light Lime.

T. Hanson


I know this could be on topic or off, but I have to say this much. Domestic Beer sucks.

Besides the Micro-breweries.

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