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February 27, 2009

Blaming the taxpayers

In the current stimulus package, there is a lot of concern with helping people who have purchased homes they could not afford. However, no one seems to consider that our states have built highways and bridges that they cannot maintain properly with their current gasoline tax. But woe to the politician who proposes to raise the gasoline tax to a level necessary to properly maintain our roads and bridges, much less build new highways and bridges.

Who’s to blame? Why us, of course, the taxpayers. Now we find our state governors complaining that the bailout package is insufficient to repair our roads and bridges. Are we, as states, behaving any differently from homeowners who purchased homes they could not afford?

Paul L. Redfearn Jr.



Amen, Tina.


It's political suicide for an elected official to support a tax increase, especially when taxpayers have no confidence that their money is being used efficiently. If state and local governments could convince us they have eliminated waste and are able to function as lean-mean-machines, more of us of might be willing to pay higher taxes. As an old boss used to say when we'd ask for a raise: "Rewards are for deeds, not for needs".

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