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February 14, 2009

‘Breaking news’ isn’t new

Why is it our local television must run the same news stories over and over and over? I keep seeing “breaking” news announcements, only to find it’s a story they have been recycling for the past three days. It’s just a matter of time until the lead story will be the Hindenburg explosion or the sinking of the Titanic.

News is defined as “newly received,” not the dog who fell through the ice four days ago. I’d rather turn on the news and see the reporters playing cards and looking bored than dredging up anything to fill the broadcast time.

N.L. Sacco



The local television news devotes more time to telling us about what's coming up later in the broadcast and what we will see on the news than on real stories.

Most of the Breaking News is about a shooting - which is all too routine - or about some feel good nonsense.


I've been a news junkie for the last 15 years or so, and I'm finally kicking the habit. It's nice to be informed, but when you fill your space with negative messages day in and day out, it takes a toll. You begin to see your glass as half empty. You wonder why the talking heads seem so gleeful when reporting on plane crashes and millions without power or heat during an ice storm. You can't believe they're relying on "iReporters" to send in their (kewl) photos of the latest hurricane. I mean, come on, let's not put Anderson Cooper out of a job or anything. It isn't enough for them to act like gawkers at a horrific car crash. They want the rest of us to slow down and gawk, too.

Before we moved to KC, my husband's new boss told me, "We have terrific springs and falls here, and as a gardener, you will love that!" So we got down here and realized there is no such thing as spring in Kansas City. The forecasters just refer to it as "tornado season".

I'm getting my news updates from Jon Stewart now.

Pub 17

...I will take to my grave the images of Katie Horner working out at the gym they broadcast a few years back in a "getting to know you" piece...how about a Celebrity Boxing Match between wossername Antonia and that Bajackson kid?


Uhhh, okay, but only as long as the City Cam were pointed out the window and not at Katie.

The only good thing about every news item being a "BREAKING NEWS" story is that now I don't freeze and half-panic when I see the breaking-news banner on the screen. I no longer assume some world leader has been assassinated. I just figure Lindsey Lohan has just been stopped for DUI again.


...how about a CityCam in Katie Horner's dressing room that would interrupt programming every now and then?....

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