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February 02, 2009

‘Brenda Starr’ sends wrong message

Carrie Willmon’s letter “Appalled by Doonesbury” (1/25) got my attention. I, too, have children who read the comics but didn’t recall an offensive comic from that day. So I dug the previous Sunday’s comics (1/18) out of the recycle bin to check it out.

Willmon was appalled that someone was allowed to write and print a comic about President Bush with asterisks for the words. Shouldn’t she be more appalled by what her 8- and 10-year-old daughters saw in the Brenda Starr comic right next to that one? It had two scantily clad women lying by the bedside of a man, with one of them saying they should share that man. A catfight with asterisks ending the cartoon should have been more offensive for her daughters.

Sharing a man and fighting are OK, but bleeped-out language not OK?

Let’s raise our daughters to know what’s right in relationships, too.

Kelly Thompson
Lee’s Summit


Wise and Other wise

and one of [supposedly] horrible movies [Brooke Sheilds] on record.

Direct to DVD ????????? Direct to security vault!


Pub 17
"It made me what I am today". If you can prove that, you've got unbeatable grounds for a lawsuit.

Pub 17



Ladies and Gents, check out the Bona Fides of the leftist posters as confessed in this thread.....and you give them the time of day? Okey Dokey, just don't expect us sane folks to sign off........LMFAO...

Pub 17

It made me what I am today.



The next few days featured a bedside catfight between Brenda and the other woman, if that's more your speed.

I can't believe people have been reading that stupid comic for almost 70 years.

Pub 17

Brenda Starr?
Are you serious?
NINE CHICKWEED LANE, the metrosexual Sears catalog.


Thanks Jim

You're right, Kelly made it sound much hotter.


Thanks Dan.....having you miss that thread was like NMMNG missing a family court thread



Here's the comic in question. It's not nearly as steamy as it sounds:




I think Brenda Starr and Barbie have the same plastic surgeon.

Dan Beyer

My opinion on the Phelps position?
I think the man is insane and he needs to be committed for the rest of his life in a locked down mental facility. I would think it would be obvious that I would hold this opinion by the posts I've left here over time.
Even though their are many ignorant fools who believe that just because he claims he's a Christian, he somehow represents Christianity. He doesn't as anyone who uses their brains would fully comprehend.


Off thread....Dan Beyer, I really would like to know your opinion of the Phelps position, as you were not present in that thread. Please tell me where you'd like to post an opinion.

Dan Beyer

Stupid children!
Don't they understand these cartoons are for adults!


Brenda must be an octogenarian by now, but she looks great. She must work out a lot.


Scantily clad on the comic page? Three ways? Anybody know where I can find that on line?

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