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February 27, 2009

Burris step down? Ha!

Considering that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich refused to step down, and that his appointee Sen. Roland Burris took the job despite recommendations against it by everyone currently involved in Illinois and national politics, why would anyone think he would step down now? Obviously his concern is not for the people he is supposed to represent but instead for himself.

As an Illinois transplant, I am appalled by his behavior.

Nancy Oglesby



Speaking of "pet peeve's," one of mine is a misplaced apostrophe.

Smarter Than You


Let me know if you find a sheep dog with a small keg of brandy while you're outside. It's not my dog, but I could use the cocktail.

I too find myself spending an excess of time online today. Nothing like snow in suburbia to keep you indoors. Alas, I must brave the great outdoors soon to attend a party.

Remember to smile, folks. Have a great day and we'll be back to our debates, already in progress, soon.


Okay, good. So we all agree that Burris is a fool and has no business in the Senate, right? Let's just hope he's booted out before he has this part of his resumé chiseled on his mausoleum. (My husband says he'll do it no matter what happens.)

It's a Chicago-like snowy day and I'm baking French bread to bring to dinner at friends' house tonight. So my apologies for being overly chatty today. The Jeep is making a funny noise and I didn't feel like going out in it. I may take out the snowblower to impress the neighbors, though...it's been feeling neglected since we moved to Kansas.

Smarter Than You

Is it just me, or does anybody else miss the days when Reagan and Tip O'Neill could go head to head over issues during the day but get together for a civil drink in the evening?

The "Chicago" thing is all about image. Obama's supporters don't want him associated with it in any way.

I'd caution anyone about claiming the popularity numbers this early in the administration are indicitive of anything specific. We are in crisis mode, just like we were after 9-11 when "Bush The Lesser" (my view) was in office. The numbers are artificially high. I hope Obama can live up to the faith he's being shown. Based on early results, I have serious doubts.



I think we are in agreement when I say much ado about nothing.

Smarter Than You


Yes, I too voted for Bush. The second time without a whole lot of enthusiasm, but what was the alternative? The robotic President? (kerry, barrada necto).

Since I didn't feel the need to point out Senator Douglass of Illinois was born in Salem, Mass I didn't think Lincoln's birth place was really relevant. I could have been clearer in that Lincoln came to prominence running for the Senate seat from Illinois.

I was amused by the automobile gaff. That's it. I'm not claiming controversy ala yellowcake. I'm not playing "gotcha!" It was funny, to me, that with all of the prep that goes into a delivery like this, someone didn't proof the line. Hopefully, as at the end of a Jean Renoir classic, the issue is "fin"!


"I did not listen to the Obama speech the other night but this gaff appears to be along the same line. "

Obama's little factual error can never hold a candle to these (my two favorites are in there):


"Tina, don't forget to take credit for Abe Lincoln from Illinois."

That's too obvious, STY. And I was only mentioning IL pols in my lifetime. Abe was definitely not in my lifetime.




Good afternoon STY,

If I've read your posts here recently I think we have something in common, we both voted for Bush and many times cringed over some of the things he'd say.

I did not listen to the Obama speech the other night but this gaff appears to be along the same line. If Obama had said we are the country responsible for the creation of the automobile "industry" as it exists today he would have been correct.

To me this "controversy" is much ago about nothing.

BTW, I hope you were being sarcastic with TinaMcG about Illinios and Lincoln, considering he was from Kentucky.

Smarter Than You

Not to hang (another) clown suit on you, Cooker, but I'm sure the scentence I used was: "In trying to sell him as some virginal outsider in your blog, I must respond. . ." Now that doesn't make any claim to be a direct quote from any source, but my interpretaion. Pardon me for paraphrasing.

I was simply amused by the automobile line out of the speech, and that his address wasn't better vetted. Then again, vetting doesn't seem to be a particular strength of this White House.

Tina, don't forget to take credit for Abe Lincoln from Illinois.



For someone who claims to be smarter I would think you would at least get the quote right..

The true line is:
The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

And this is from the person going on about Obama's minor error on the automobile?

I know it is minor, but it is one of my pet peeve's.. and yes I noted Obama's auto error to my wife when he said it.

But given your error perhaps you ought to change your name to .. not quite sty.


"All politics being local, the larger problem for team Obama is the national perception of his home base of operations. This is the administration of transparent and accountable after all."

Ahh, STY, you are a worthy sparring partner, thank you.

With such high approval ratings, and even higher after this week's address to Congress, I don't see Obama suffering from guilt by association. those associations were very very thin anyway. American people outside the CPAC convention are not equating him with clowns like Blago and Burris.

Illinois is not just the state of Richard J. Daley and the gluttonous alderman of the 60s and 70s. It isn't just home to Burris and Blago. We elected senators like Adlai Stevenson, Paul Douglas, Paul Simon and Everett Dirkson. Jim Thompson and Jim Edgar, both Republicans, were excellent governors. And then there was my congressman whwn I was growing up: Don Rumsfeld. Forget his role in the Bush administration; we liked him as a congressman back then.

Smarter Than You

T M G-

I accept that he's not part and parcel of Chicago politics. I'm sorry that I can't accept that he somehow was a strictly innocent observer. All politics being local, the larger problem for team Obama is the national perception of his home base of operations. This is the administration of transparent and accountable after all.

Please don't worry about limiting yourself in characters or paragraphs. I actually would much rather a reasoned, well argued response like yours than some of the name calling that passes for discourse on these blogs.


" In trying to sell him as some virginal outsider in your blog, I must respond "Methinks thou doth protest too much.""

No, that isn't it at all. Seriously. You see why I don't have a Twitter account. I can never keep anything to 120 characters. Or 120 paragraphs for that matter. I followed Obama closely since 2004 and read both of his memoirs, which are very insightful. I relay some of the things I know about him because so many people just like to characterize him in one "typical Chicago corruption" soundbite. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Smarter Than You


I knew you'd be well prepared to respond to this letter. Two things:

Like it or not, Obama is viewed as being a product of, as Mr. Connery so succinctly put it, "the Chicago way." In trying to sell him as some virginal outsider in your blog, I must respond "Methinks thou doth protest too much."

Mayor Funk? His emotional bludgeoning by the Mrs. hardly approaches the gammut of corruption that is Chicago politics.


And here's another thing you might not know. You can indirectly thank an Illinois Republican senate candidate for Obama's meteoric path to the White House.

In 2004, Jack Ryan was favored to beat the unknown Obama by a huge margin, when smarmy details of Ryan's impending divorce from Jeri Ryan (Star Trek actress) were unearthed and made public. The Republican candidate had been taking his wife to sex clubs and pressuring her to 'perform' with him on stage. She refused -- and she was angry. Nothing like those good ole republican family values, eh?

Jack Ryan was forced to withdraw from the race, leaving the Illinois GOP without a candidate. The party got so desperate they even tried (unsuccessfully) to draft Mike Ditka to run. Their last ditch attempt to find a candidate resulted in Alan Keyes running against Obama. Keyes, a far right wingnut talk radio host from Maryland, had to establish residence in Illinois, though he never really lived there and knew nothing about the state.

John Kerry asked Obama to give the keynote speech at the Democratic convention that summer, and you know what effect that had. He would have beaten Keyes in any event, because Keyes is certifiably crazy, but that speech catapulted him to a 75% landslide.


Do not try to get me to characterize Obama with the likes of Blagojevich and Burris. I repeat:
1. Obama is not a product of Chicago politics. He butted heads with local politicians when he did community organizing. If he learned anything from them, it was how to fight City Hall. He never even lived in Chicago until he finished undergraduate studies. To improve his skills in dealing with the challenges of community organizing in Chicago, he took time off, got his law degree from Harvard, and then returned to Chicago to work for the underprivileged. He could have taken any number of positions in high powered firms, but those types of jobs didn't float his boat. He worked to get kids off the streets, to keep them in school, and on projects like getting the city to allocate funds to remove asbestos from south side housing projects.

2. Chicago politics are not state politics, and Chicago is nothing like downstate Illinois. Obama never held an elected office in Chicago politics. Blago was first elected in 2002, and I voted for him because the Republican governor had just gone to prison for a corruption charge that first came to light when a nice young minister and his family were killed in a horrific fiery crash caused by one of the truck drivers who had gotten his license by greasing someone's palm. The Republicans had no real candidate. Blago was a little creepy on a personal level, but he said all the right things, and Illinoisians wanted to believe him. I did not vote for him in 2006.

3. I've never liked Burris and never wanted him confirmed for the senate. If he serves out his term, he will be challenged in a primary in 2010, and he is guaranteed to lose.

4. As long as Mark Funkhouser and the current KC city council are in office, I don't think you have much room to talk about local politicians. Chicago politics aren't squeaky clean, but they are FAR cleaner than they were under the first Mayor Daley. The current mayor has a very comfortable approval rating in both the city and the suburbs. Here in KC, there is talk of removing the mayor. So please don't throw stones.

Smarter Than You

Tina McG, counterpoint?

You do see some consistency from the Midwestern hotbed of democracy that produced our commander-in-chief.

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