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February 10, 2009

Cheers for Shawnee Mission East

Three cheers and many more for the students, teachers, principal and parents at Shawnee Mission East High School for standing up to Fred Phelps and his disturbed, despicable, ragtag band of losers (2/6, Local, “A protest sparks a counterprotest”).

They will know better than to ever return to Shawnee Mission East. What a great example the school showed the rest of us.

Laura R. Hockaday
Kansas City



You're right in that the Phelps family will continue to demonstrate - they've been doing this for decades.

However, to do nothing - to remain silent - can be interpreted as a form of acceptance. Just as the Phelps family has the right to speak freely (in certain situations) - so do those who strongly object to them.


"They will know better than to ever return to Shawnee Mission East."

You're kidding, right? The SM East protest and counter-protest drew more attention than the Phelp's clan has gotten in a long time. Of course they'll do it again there (or someplace similar), and I'll bet they're hoping that the same counter-protesters show up. It would guarantee another spot on the evening news, and that's what these guys are after.

Don't get me wrong, the SM East folks are to be commended for turning the fiasco into a positive fundraising experience, but thinking that it is going to somehow deter the Phelps clan is naive.

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