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February 07, 2009

Counterprotest to Rev. Phelps

Dear Rev. Phelps,

Thank you for having your church members visit Shawnee Mission East (2/6, Local, “A protest sparks a counterprotest; Hundreds outside Shawnee Mission East High School rally against an anti-gay message”). I believe it was hugely successful in awakening the community’s need to support its own. It was wonderful to see students, parents and members of the community rally to support their views of tolerance for others.

While we live comfortably in our insulated slice of suburbia, we are reminded that the only requirement for evil to flourish is for good people to stand by and do nothing.

Watching the highlights, I was drawn to pictures of some of your supporters stepping on the American flag and signs to the effect that we should pray for the death of soldiers in Afghanistan. It’s rather ironic that you would call for the demise of the people who have fought, suffered and died to grant you the freedom to express your views.

Again, thank you for helping us realize that we need to be vigilant and vocal when others are being persecuted because they are different. Call me for lunch. My former Marine friends would love to join us.

Daniel S. Slosburg
Mission Hills


Roger Lambert


Is your event a fundraiser? If so, then good for you for supporting a worthwhile cause.

If not, then it's probably a terrible idea. Phelps and his ilk live for publicity, and any event that brings him more attention will probably be welcome.

The best way to oppose someone like Phelps is to ignore them. Just my two cents.


I organize an event that will take place for the second time this year, designed to take the protesting TO the Phelps, instead of waiting on them to come. It takes place at Gage Park in Topeka, just a short distance from the Westboro Church.

With little prep time, we had over 400 people in attendance last year. We hope to outdo that number by leaps and bounds this year. I hope you all will join us there on May 30th.

Get more info at http://www.millionfagmarch.com (<- the name is explained on the website).

And Proud American, the WBC has been around for 30 years, and ignoring them doesn't matter at all to them.

Sitting quietly in hope that a problems we see in our community and nation will go away is exactly how our country is in so many of our current "messes." The First Amendment is there to encourage us to speak up when we see wrong-doing. We know we can stand up without fear.

It's what the Phelps do. Why shouldn't we?

Chris Love

Pub 17

Noooo, Proud American. That's the glory of Fred Phelps: he DOESN'T go away. It's a Kansas thing.

At least he and his crew hang in Topeka, where they don't do so much damage to the environment.

Proud American

All you did was put fuel on the fire. Had you just ignored them, they would go away. Now, they will probably be back. What do you plan next?


.....false Christian whackaroons,,,,,

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