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February 07, 2009

Defending foreign workers

The article “Banks sought foreign workers amid layoffs” (2/2, A-1) misleads the general public into thinking that H-1B workers, who hold highly specialized jobs, have contributed to Wall Street’s collapse.

On the contrary, these workers are highly educated, hardworking, highly skilled contributors to American society — super-achievers in our world who hold such critical positions as doctors, scientists, high-tech workers and the like — and only strengthen and improve our economy. And contrary to what this article implies, a U.S. employer hiring an H-1B worker must make attestations (under penalty) intended to protect U.S. workers.

Unless our laws continue to encourage the best and brightest to be employed in highly specialized positions and contribute to the U.S. economy, the best and most successful people will go elsewhere. America needs to attract and retain highly successful immigrants who create jobs through the critical work they do and the money they spend. It is these important contributions that add to our economic prosperity.

H-1B workers had no role in Wall Street’s collapse. American taxpayers will only be “suckers” (in Sen. Chuck Grassley’s words) if they believe the misinformation circulated in this biased and xenophobic article.

Lisa Reichle


Pub 17

What? H1-B workers are permitted to enter this country to keep U.S. businesses from having to let critical jobs go unfilled! Of COURSE they're paid the same wages as U.S. workers who would fill the same positions, if they existed, which they don't, of course. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, at those biased, xenophobic, badly misinformed individuals who would argue otherwise.

Google, the most powerful weapon ever invented against self-serving tatzelwurms.


I complained once about following the H1B "best and most successful" boys and spending so much of my time fixing their mistakes. Dumb mistakes. Easy to catch as the work was originally done mistakes but time consuming and difficult to ferret out once the project was complete.

I was told to shut up and get on with the work.

The H1B guys are cheap and they depress the wages of everyone else. That's why they're here. That's why they stay.



Eisberg & Bordeau, LLC - Immigration & Nationality Law - Mission, Kansas

"Lisa Reichle graduated from the law school of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and is licensed in Missouri. Prior to attending law school, she worked for more than 15 years as an immigration paralegal. Lisa is primarily responsible for H-1B, TN and L-1 petitions at the firm."

Lisa is "talking her own book", as the Wall Streeters say. She makes her living off of this stuff. Curious, that she left the above information out of her letter.

Here's a nice youtube video starring the Cohen & Grigsby Law firm, proving that Lisa is a liar ...


I've seen Cohen & Grigsby and their kind in action. These people are disgusting. You are swine, Lisa.

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