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February 01, 2009

DTV converter boxes

It would have been very strange for Time Warner Cable to host a forum and demonstrate that the DTV boxes will work well (1/28, FYI/Food, “Converters still may not bring in channels”). Scaring folks into signing up for cable will fatten their purses.

I have been using a converter box for several months now and have been delighted. My analog TVs have clearly picked up only three channels for the 23 years I have lived in Overland Park. Now I receive great reception on 16 channels and expect more when the HD signal becomes universal.

The occasional pixel is a smaller price to pay than a cable bill.

Rae Ann Kobylinski
Overland Park



If you take car advise from a used car salesman or mortgage advise from a mortgage broker, you're setting yourself for the screwing you will eventually receive.

Did you really think Time Warner's forum would focus on all of the great things you can watch for free without their service?

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