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February 09, 2009

Family planning important in 64130

The Star is to be commended on the “Murder Factory” articles (1/25,-27, A-1) and the follow-up editorial including a call for family planning (1/28, Opinion).

Teen parenthood is one of the strongest socioeconomic factors locking persons into poverty, highly associated with crime. Children of teens are the most rapidly growing population living in poverty. Funding for family planning is money well spent. A dollar spent on family planning saves $4.02 in public support, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Comprehensive family planning education also is essential to reducing the rate of teen parenthood. Missouri law currently blocks comprehensive family planning education in public schools by Planned Parenthood educators, the nation’s most trusted source of sexuality information. Research has shown that abstinence-only sex education does not forestall teen sex. Access to family planning is important in ZIP code 64130.

Ginny Beall
Board member, Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri
Mission Hills


Dan Beyer

Before I started posting here most were swallowing the lies they were being fed by Planned Parenthood Inc.'s parrot the Star. While I will never change those whose minds and eyes are closed, I am getting the truth out more and more.
People are looking into this more and more. The truth of Planned Parenthood Inc. can't stay covered up by Planned Parenthood Inc. Top Award Winner, the Star forever.

Stifled Freedom

If I had a family in 64130, the only planning I would do is plan to get out.


ProfTinyPub’s ranting tirades about the ineffectiveness of Dan Beyer’s posts are usually about as successful as . . . Dan Beyer’s posts. But calling Dan my new BFF – ouch, that really had to hurt him. Surely such a withering insult made Dan re-think his convictions and join NARAL.

Pub 17

Dan Beyer
Good, you've now got your name out in public again at great length to feed your ego, lied your @$$ off (but it's all in a good cause), and can have 24 hours of feeling all self-righteous and stuff till your next fix.

Meanwhile, the abortions go on unabated, you've done nothing to change anyone's mind except those who might have agreed with you if you weren't such a blithering idiot, and Kate's your new best friend. How much success can you stand, ninja?


Roger, you’re right. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

And Dan is right about the illegalities. Two clinics in Indiana, now one in Tucson.


But seriously Dan, how do you really feel about Planned Parenthood?

Dan Beyer

By the way, Planned Parenthood Inc. who ghoulishly wants to sell more death to the minorities in this desperate situation quotes the Guttmacher Institute.
The Guttmacher Institute is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood Inc.
Nothing says desperate better than a merchant of death trying to sell it's services to the poor victims of murder and mayhem!

Dan Beyer

Planned Parenthood Inc. who sells abortions and mostly to minorities, lies and says abstinence education doesn't work. And yet a research study done by KU found that it does work, very well.
But then, what would you expect from an organization that wants to sell more abortions in this poor minority neighborhood that already is suffering from too many deaths?

Dan Beyer

Today at unfettered letters we have a couple of letters at the top of the page about the subject of euthanizing unwanted critters and we have this letter advertising services for euthanizing unwanted poor minorities!
Planned Parenthood Inc.! That racist founder Margaret Sanger would be proud!

Dan Beyer

Planned Parenthood Inc. is the most trusted what?
You sell abortions to pedophiles bringing in young girls that sometimes are their own daughters! Planned Parenthood Inc. is being investigated for that, fraud and other illegalities across the country.
Planned Parenthood Inc.'s only concern is how to turn a buck. And now they're trying to use this horrible situation to rake in more money!



I couldn't agree more. If I close my eyes I can imagine her house.

Roger Lambert

In this letter we have a wealthy woman from Mission Hills (probably white) proudly showing her support for abortions being performed in the worst ghetto in the city (upon black women and black children).

Somehow I don't imagine Ms. Beall sees the rather ugly irony in her letter.

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