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February 17, 2009

Fighting annexation

Did you know Kansans can vote on swimming pools and soccer fields, but they cannot vote if a city wants to take over their homes and land? Did you know only a handful of states in the U.S. do not allow homeowners this right to vote?

Recently my neighbors and I ended up fighting for our property and way of life as Overland Park swooped in with a land grab of 8.4 square miles. An overwhelming majority of affected homeowners opposed the annexation and were astonished to find we had no right to vote.

Kansas laws allowing for annexation without representation are wrong and must change. State lawmakers have drafted House Bill 2029 to correct outdated statutes. This bill would require a vote by landowners on involuntary annexation proposals. It would also require landowner approval for annexation of agricultural land of 21 acres or more. Please contact your state lawmakers and ask them to support HB 2029.

To find contact information, learn more about our fight, and see how you can get more involved in this important issue, go to www.noannexation .org

Norman Pishny
Bucyrus, Kan.



Most excellent strategy, GP. I wonder if I can get Mike Kiegerl to go for it...

Stifled Freedom

Mr Pishny, I agree. If you can manage to get this provision attached to a concealed carry provision or an anti-abortion bill or any bill illegalize sex between consenting adults, you might have a chance at being sucessful in motivating the KS legislature.


I will happily sign the petition. I didn't know that homeowners weren't given a say in this. We live in unincorporated JoCo with an Olathe address, so I assume when annexation becomes an issue, Olathe will make a grab for our neighborhood. Tyhere are aspects of annexation I wouldn't mind -- like an end to the sound of gunshots nearby and a constant parade of roaming dogs over our property. But those two things are pretty trivial in the overal picture -- unless you ask our gun-phobic dog.

T. Hanson

I wish I could sign your petition.


Manifest Destiny is alive and well in Overland Park, Ks.

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