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February 14, 2009

Fighting ‘socialism’

Explain it to me. Is it socialism to lend money to a failing company and to expect diligence from that company to ensure repayment? Is it socialism for the new stockholders to force those failing businesses to change their previous ways of overcompensating their upper echelon for negative performances? Is it socialism for stockholders to step in and force them into reasonable compliance when they show disregard or incompetence in the process?

If so, are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, student loans, farm subsidies and the like also socialism? And if that is so, since the thought of socialism drives parents to weep for their children, shouldn’t we be taking to the streets in the form of some sort of social protest?

I mean, right after the “Jerry Springer” show.

Larry Leeds
Roeland Park


Smarter Than You

Mr. Leeds:

I would be happy to “explain” it to you. Unfortunately, from the accusatory tone and disconnect from logic in your letter, I would probably fare better explaining Nietzsche to a newborn.

Stifled Freedom

What do you think this is the 1960s? No one has the balls to protest today.


... aren't student loans presumably to be paid back? Social Security is supposed to be pay for play... I don't see how these are socialist.

... is Jerry Springer still on the air?


As the paragon of Republican virtue, Joe the make-believe Plumber, said a few weeks ago: "It's socialism when someone else gets a government check but when I get a welfare check it's because I paid into the system and I deserve it."


Hey Race Card, I am setting here minding my own business and you choose, yet again, to take another cheap shot. What a sorry sob you are RC. I hope you choke on yo' watermelon today!!

(Boy I bet that really po's the Race Card, you gotta love it!!)


Didn't know where this letter was headed until the last sentence, then I realized it was addressed to BuddyT.

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