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February 14, 2009

Fox network sounding an alarm

Don Witmer (2/6, Letters) takes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News to task because they “promote hatred toward the Democrats.” This form of political polemic — to characterize opposing points of view as “hatred” — is without a doubt the left’s phoniest.

Limbaugh, Hannity and Fox represent voices crying out against a disgraceful piece of legislation that will damage our nation. Using the current crisis as an excuse, President Obama has allowed the House, led by ultra-liberals Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, to drag off the shelf every pork-laden boondoggle program and to craft legislation that guarantees growth, not of the economy but of government. It strives to create a nanny state catering to organized labor, environmental extremists, trial lawyers and all of the loony left, including even that paragon of probity ACORN.

If not curbed, we can look forward to further economic decline and deflation, followed by hyper-inflation, possibly leading to Weimar Republic-like destruction of our way of life.

Rush, Sean and Fox are only sounding the alarm.

Michael T. Murphy
Prairie Village



Hey Bug,

The Bush administration sounded the alarm about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac years ago.
And it was Barney, Fwank, Maxine Waters, Christopher Dodd, Chuck U. Schumer and the other lying, thieving, soulless Democrats who caused this housing crash- and the current economic crisis.

Do your homework.
And now- the inmates are in charge of the asylum!
God help us all-
Especially you left-wing liberal Kool-Aid drinkers.;
You have your Messiah-
So be happy!
Do like Henrietta Hughes and ask for a new house- AND GET ONE!
Talk about a welfare state.


Dammit Murph, stop sugar coating it, tell it like it is! lmao.....


Mr. Murphy,

Where oh where were those voices of reason the last 8 years when we were getting into the sorry state we find ourselves in now?

Wait!, they were helping us get there.

I think you the whiners you identify have ZERO credibility. You and they had your chance for 8 years ... and frankly ... you [EDITED BY MODERATOR] it up pretty royal.

I expect you are somewhat aged and don't care about America in any more than a 10 year window but for those of us who expect another 40 or 50 years of life and for our children .... we are pretty pissed off that you - and those folks - did such a [EDITED BY MODERATOR] job of minding the store. Because thats exactly what you did - a sh*tty job of being America's caretakers. Unless you were a banker or weapons maker.

Do you know the funny thing ?
Rush has a job w/salary of 400 Million dollars. He could lose 50% and still do great, lose half of his 401K and be fine. Can you ?
Those folks somehow have you thinking they are looking out for your interests. They aren't Mike, they are looking out for their own.


"political hatred"
"the left's phoniest"
"pork-laden boondoggle"
"nanny state"
"organized labor"
"environmental activists"
"trial lawyers"
"loony left"
"paragon of probity ACORN"
"Weimar Republic-like"

M Murphy got that all out in 7 sentences.

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