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February 03, 2009

Green idea for stimulus

I have a suggestion for the use of some of Kansas’ and Missouri’s share of the federal stimulus dollars. This proposal would help low- and moderate-income people get to jobs, doctors and stores in our spread prairie city. At the same time, I believe that this project would reduce carbon emissions and the particulates that aggravate asthma for many inner-city children and adults, thus improving health.

The Star reported that the ATA may cut bus service (1/22, Local). Instead of cutting service, I suggest that Kansas and Missouri allot stimulus dollars to convert the public transit fleet into small buses, which would run more frequently on more routes and be fueled on natural gas. Natural gas, which is plentiful in our country, is cheaper and less polluting than diesel and gasoline.

Jean M. Green
Kansas City


Stifled Freedom

Naaaa, I would rather see the big oversized buses with no one riding inside.

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