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February 27, 2009

How to change ‘Murder Factory’

Thanks you for the very good reporting by The Star on the “Murder Factory” (1/25,-27, A-1). Two items need to be corrected in ZIP code 64130 in order to move forward and begin healing.

No. 1 is to provide new, fresh, strong black leadership. This means casting off the first-generation entitlement black leadership. These black leaders have shown no inclination to admonish the people they claim to lead and represent. Worse are their guilty white accomplices and enablers who want to turn their heads and shovel more money to the failed Kansas City School District.

No. 2 is the school district leadership needs to segregate the students who want to learn and send them to protected environments. The troublemakers need to be sent to a disciplinary school environment for attitude adjustments.

It sure will be a tough sell, and it will not be easy. But a tough, comprehensive program to address the problem is needed from people who care for the future of the kids in the “Murder Factory” and Kansas City. Anything less is to promote the status quo.

Ron McCabe
Kansas City



"The troublemakers need to be sent to a disciplinary school enviroment for attitude adjustments." Ron McCabe

Kind of an "Escape From New York" district for young blacks. Better yet, how about a "Clockwork Orange Academy"

Yeah, right. Let's see that one fly.


Interesting comment. The students who want to learn should not be intimidated by or exposed to the rabble rousers who don't care.
In turn the rabble rousers should be exposed to an environment that might convince them of the shortsightedness of their attitudes.
Instead of going to classrooms, they should to a gym, equipped with head gear and, under experienced supervision, allowed if not encourage to wail on each other one three minute round at a time. When they are tired, make them do pushups, crab walks, chinups, rope climbing or whatever other arduous exercise is appropriate.
Follow that with an afternoon of the same.
The next day, do it again.
And again.
Make it a boot camp they should hope to flee and never return.
If necessary, put them in a dormitory setting with strictly enforced curfews.
After an appropriate time, see if they would prefer a classroom.
Yeah, it would probably not fly.
A problem is that many of these teens have had an infancy and early childhood that was permanently impaired by nearness to brutal behavior. They need help if they are to survive their youth, let alone become productive citizens.
It would be an urban version of Boys Town and while not necessarily provide college prep work, would provide an alternative to early, violent death or LWOP.

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