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February 01, 2009

Illegal labor’s effect on economy

What plans are being made to fix the construction depression regarding housing? How are the men and women who were and are displaced by illegal immigrants going to get their jobs back? Many builders and small-business owners have been gleefully subverting the income tax and Social Security systems by paying “contract” wages. Illegal aliens happily take untaxed money across our border.

How is that going to be fixed? How do local workers protect themselves against van loads of workers who are allowed to camp on the job site and undercut the cost of labor so drastically? How do we protect ourselves from poor construction practices when building inspectors turn a blind eye?

Maybe the housing depression is a blessing in disguise. It puts workers on an even field: unemployment. You don’t need building inspectors either, if there isn’t any construction. Trickle, trickle, trickle.

Carol A. Clopton
Kansas City






My guess is that Rogue is talking about the $500 tax credit issue, but he's greatly oversimplifying the debate.

The proposed stimulus bill has a provision that provides a $500 tax credit to each individual. In the stimulus bill from last year, a valid social security number was required to claim your money (remember your $1200 check?). This time around, all that's needed is a individual TIN (taxpayer identification number), and according to the IRS, illegal aliens are eligible to apply for such a number for the purposes of filing taxes.

What Rogue is missing is that I doubt there will be a long line of illegals waiting to pay taxes on their illegal income for the chance to get a small portion of it back as a tax credit.


"Lets make sure the illegal aliens get a check in this economic porkulous bill. That's in there?"

Nope, it isn't in there. Nice try, though.


Lets make sure the illegal aliens get a check in this economic porkulous bill. That's in there? Wonderful.


This recession has me thinking of all those jobs "American workers won't take", and I wonder how many illegals will be displaced by legal workers this year. My guess would be not many.

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