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February 23, 2009

Imaginary crash scenario ‘disgusting’

The article “Plane was a roller coaster” (2/17, A-2) featured an interview with a flight instructor who gave an imaginary scenario of what took place in the passenger cabin during the last moments of Flight 3407 as it crashed on its descent to Buffalo, N.Y. As a retired airline pilot, I found it completely disgusting.

This is not news; it’s macabre sensationalism. It has nothing to do with what really occurred. This type of journalism is not even fit for the sleazy tabloids.

The relatives and friends of those passengers must be horrified. Publishing an article like this serves no purpose. There are enough true horrors in this world without concocting “grim” fairy tales. Please consider the loved ones left behind.

Foe Geldersma
Kansas City


Stifled Freedom

Unfortunately, sensationalism is the name of the game in the media today.


This is a good example of technology being used for useless purposes. I'm glad I didn't see the re-enactment. It's too easy to put yourself in the places of the passengers and feel their fright -- and for what? We have enough things to get stressed out about these days. We don't need anyone topping up our mug full of anxieties. And I think the same goes for sensationalism of weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes. Footage of these disasters is not entertainment. It's peoples' lives being ripped apart.

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