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February 10, 2009

Incarceration of Peltier

While history is replete with examples of deplorable treatment of Native Americans, the prosecution and incarceration of Leonard Peltier is not one of them (2/9, Local, “Behind case lies a larger cause”).

Peltier was present at the scene of the execution of the FBI agents, and if he did not commit the act, he knows who did. If he did not do the murder himself, his misguided loyalty to whoever did and his unwillingness to cooperate in the investigation make him a conspirator, which is adequate justification for his imprisonment.

He has always held the key to his own freedom if he is innocent, but he has chosen instead to play for sympathy from “celebrities and countless others of influence,” which, if successful, would be a miscarriage of justice and would in no way undo past and present mistreatment of Native Americans who have committed no crimes.

Mike Wheeler
Kansas City


Beverly Brooks

first off, I would just like to say,Mr. Wheeler and James Simon, WAY TO GO,Peltier is GUILTY!!!!!!!!and everyone is finally seeing it.Write your comments on I did and the more that write their comments there, the better chances that people will see the truth too. Thank you Gentlemen.

Now, Istah'ota and Nancy-Jo, Peltier has got you right where he wants you,PITYING HIM. I use to support him until I found out what him and his "foot soldier's" done to his own people.They stole,destroyed, killed people at Wounded Knee.They ran out on the people this time,REAL BRAVE Warriors, NOT!!!Save their own skins and screw the rest.

There was only two names that were mentioned that dealt with falsify affidavits and statements, so that does not mean that ALL FBI AGENTS are crooked.Because of what he done, does that make all of us Native Americans bad? And Peltier did lie on several accounts during his 4 interviews.He is stuck in 1890, believing that he is CRAZY HORSE, he looks preety darn good for being over 120 years old.

Ladies,open your eyes,most all of his supporters are gone,even his Committee Members left after they seen the real Peltier.If he is innocent, why isn't his AIM members fighting to get him free? They love Violence. And why have the Senators and Movie Stars left him? Think about it.

James Simon

Leonard Peltier is guilty, by his own words:


Peltier, a wanted fugitive at the time, opened fire on those agents thinking they were there to arrest him (again by his own words.) The agents were looking for someone else and did not know he was there, armed with only their pistols (rifles in their car trunks), no match for Peltier's AR-15, later fired at point-blank range. Every judge who's reviewed the case agrees with the verdict & the crucial piece of evidence: a shell casing found in the car trunk, matched to Peltier's weapon. His lawyers have never been able to refute that in court.

Watch the youtube, In the Spirit of Coler and Williams, and ask yourself one question: Would an innocent man need to change his story as many times as Peltier has changed his? Freeing this unrepentant killer would be a travesty of justice and make a mockery of genuine Indian sacrifice and heroism.

James Simon

I'm sorry but you're making up a lot of that pro-Peltier rant. You really should cite an authentic source, such as this one straight from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, which held, for the umteenth time, that Peltier was fairly tried and fairly convicted:


You might also educate yourself with the facts found in American Indian Mafia.


I'm sorry, but this case is nothing more than an act of Terrorism perpetrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation themselves. Amnesty International has globally decried this act as political prisoner. It is clearly obvious Mr. Wheeler has not read the case files, which he should have done before writing such a slanderous blurb & posting it publicaly. If he had, he would see the folly of his words before exposing himself to such embarrassment.
Let us hope the fbi do not shine a light on us..in the last trial it was Established that Leonard was innocent, and upon this decree the fbi lost control, shouting in the courtroom, that their reason for not letting go was.."Someone has to pay"
Anyone doubting this happened, look it up, it's right there in black & white, in the hearing transcripts.
i must ask you..
Is this sane logic? Is it Justice?
How can such a nightmare be allowed to happen, and Why is it Still happening?

...And when they came for me..there was no one left to speak out..


Nothing could be further from the truth than the statements made by Mr. Wheeler! There is not now nor has there ever been any justification for the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier. He was convicted in a show trial on evidence manufactured by the F.B.I.
Peltier is INNOCENT,period! Leonard Peltier's case is one of the saddest and most unjust in United States history. Peltier can only be said to be a political prisoner of the United States Federal Government. To say that a man of the high moral character that Leonard Peltier is,"is playing to celebrities" is a totally sickening and completely untrue statement. The true miscarriage of justice has been the illegal conviction and unjust imprisonment of Leonard Peltier for the last 33 years. Leonard Peltier's case is a blight on the United States legal system and a shame on the nation as a whole.

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