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February 16, 2009

International treasure at 18th and Vine

I’m a jazz writer in Tokyo and have been visiting Kansas City for 10 years. I go there almost every year to hear jazz and meet the Kansas City jazz musicians.

I don’t know if you realize what a treasure you have in Kansas City jazz, especially at 18th and Vine. People should realize that 18th and Vine is a wonderful place.

My very best to all people in Kansas City.

Yoko Takemura




There are jazz enthusiast around the world. I've never been to Japan but from personal experience I know that in Asia and Europe there are plenty of music lovers who know more about KCs heritage than most Kansas Citians.

Stifled Freedom

Does not know.

Stifled Freedom

How many people in Tokyo even know of Kansas City much less the jazz district? I'll bet half of Japan does know Kansas City exists.

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