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February 08, 2009

Kansas coal plant

I have news for the state legislators wanting to strip our state secretary of health of his authority to regulate power plant emissions (2/5, Local, “Push is on to revive coal plant projects”): The era of science-denial is over.

That permit rejection was based on reality, not “on a whim,” as Sunflower Electric says. Once the Environmental Protection Agency is revived, it will resume its obligation to regulate CO2, as the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it should.

In the meantime, it is irresponsible to override valid objections to an expensive and unnecessary monster of a coal-fired power plant for the financial gains of a few and to the detriment of all. It’s been shown that developing the state’s wind power resources would provide larger and more widely-distributed economic benefits for far more people.

I’m not a paleontologist, but it appears to me that many of our legislators are closely related to the dinosaurs in the coal industry.

Richard Voss
Overland Park



Girl Power
The professionals in the Department approved the applications. The Department Head's disapproval was a political act, so why be concerned if it is overturned by political means? I still remember the chagrin I felt years ago when reading the act that removed the requirement that the head of the then "State Board Of Health" be a licensed professional. In effect, the only real requirements now for the post are that the Governor wants to appoint them and they are alive.

Stifled Freedom

Engineer, you are correct that he is a nonprofessional from that definition, but niether are most of our other decision makers in politics professionals. Being a licensed professional is not a requirement for public office.

It is scary to me that lobby money can motivate a state legislature to strip a high level executive (in the executive branch) of power just to get a power plant built. Sacraficing the checks and balances of govt is a pretty high price for a power plant.

Originally, wasn't the state law on CO2 emissions cited for rejecting this permit....then they changed the law to accomodate this one plant. Why have a law? Just let the highest paying lobbyist win....they do it that way already.


Girl Power
The meaning of the designation as I was using it in this case is an individual licensed by a State board to practice such professions as medicine, engineering, etc.

Stifled Freedom

Engineer, define professional.


Interesting - Kansas is a hick state and Colorado is thinking of the future. Colorado has turned down building coal powered plants in favor of obtaining electricity from other areas that are better for the environment. I think it is Xcel (not sure which electric company) is VOLUNTARILY reducing or closing some of their coal generated plants in Colorado over the next few years to move towards more environmentally friendly versions of generating electricity.

We are sooooo backwards - between this and the evolution issue - I'd say Kansas is beginning to look like it's at least 25 years behind the rest of the country.

FYI - I've been living in Kansas for over 20 years - overall, I really love it here but I do have problems with such backwards thinking.

Pub 17

No, let's put them out in Western Kansas to annoy the prairie dogs. Then you could move there and triple the amount of wind.


Yeah boy bring on that "efficient" wind power. Can we stick a few turbnines up close to your house in OP Rich?


The secretary is not a professional. The secretary is an appointee of the governor's and is following the governor's line. It is dangerous to have a non-professional making professional decisions. The professionals in the agency found that the plants complied with the State's regulations.

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