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February 13, 2009

Keep Powerball American

Very sorry to say, but if Powerball gets married up with other countries (2/10, Business, “In search of big jackpots”), I will no longer play. I personally feel that we have outsourced our lives away, and this is just another example.

It is hard enough to win as it is. I have to compete with other countries for jobs and speak to people I can hardly understand on the phone. I am not about to compete in fun.

I am starting to question my ability to live like an American.

Tracy Cavanaugh
Blue Springs



"I am not about to compete in fun."

I'd say Tracy needs to learn a little math. No matter how many people play the lottery, unless the quantity of numbers selected from the hopper changes, it doesn't make a difference in her odds of winning.

Pub 17

No, no, Tracy, PLEASE never stop playing the lottery. You're voluntarily paying part of my taxes for me, which I think is a WONDERFUL thing for you to do, and we don't even know each other. If fools--strike that--fun-loving folks in other countries want to help pay my taxes, so much the better.

BTW, same applies for casinos. If you're going to the boats for any reason other than the buffet, thank you, God keep you, and if that's what it takes I'll meet you there and clean your windshield while you're inside paying my taxes--strike THAT--enjoying your right to live like an American.

Hee hee
Hoo hoo
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