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February 16, 2009

Leave KCPD under state control

When I joined the Kansas City Police Department in March of 1964, one of the things that was often repeated during our three-month Police Academy training period was how fortunate we were to be under the control of the state of Missouri instead of the city of Kansas City. That change happened due to the rampant corruption during the Pendergast era. Most other cities control their police departments, and many are corrupt.

The bright minds of The Star’s editorial staff strongly recommended that control be returned to the city (2/9, Opinion, “End budget battles: Unite city, police”). Do you people have your heads in the sand? Do you not read your own newspaper? Returning control of the Police Department to that bunch of clowns that you call City Council, mayor, and especially city manager is about the stupidest idea you’ve ever come up with. Why, they’re almost as bad as the school board.

Don’t mess with something that has worked well for many years and still does.

Michael Fopeano


T. Hanson

I do have to agree... The city council can't even agree on what time meetings start let alone taking on another department.


Well said Mike.

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