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February 15, 2009

Legalize steroids

Many retired professional football players walk with a limp. Many former high school and college athletes willingly sacrificed future orthopedic health with the intense effort required for athletic glory. Old aches are now arthritis or artificial steel parts. However, even if we knew then what we know now, we would have competed even more intensely for the competitive glory of the game.

Steroids? If available, we’d have used them too, paying a higher price today. That’s the point: With or without chemical performance-enhancement, athletes willingly pay a price.

Should our government involve itself? Yes, simply legalize it all. Keeping it illegal is dumber than Prohibition. That didn’t work, and this isn’t working. Alcohol and tobacco are at least as harmful as athletic performance-enhancers. So stop wasting taxpayers’ money with your jock-sniffing, publicity-seeking hearings with these heroic athletic morons. Today the threat from people wanting to destroy America is proliferating, while our jobs, pensions, and 401(k)s are diminishing.

So forget A-Rod and protect us from jihad. Ignore Barry Bonds and restore my stocks and bonds.

Otto Rieke




Moronic is the right word. These things are dangerous. Although I don't personally care that there are people who use them I don't think they should be made available to everyone.

On the other hand it should be an issue the gov't should spend little time or money dealing with in these days of war, financial crisis and health care costs soaring. I believe it to be a media driven witch hunt that Congress will talk about as a distraction.


Performance enhancing drugs allow athletes to cheat. The only way to level the playing field is to have all athletes use them -- or disallow them completely.

More important than the integrity of the game, though, is the message sent to young people: that the end justifies the means. That winning at any cost is acceptable. That defeat equals failure. That imperfection cannot be tolerated. These are terrible things to teach our kids.


Otto I'm glad you used the word "moron" in your letter because I have some hope you'll understand the following sentence.

Your suggestion about legalizing steroids is moronic.

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