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February 11, 2009

Look at the bright side

The other day I watched a reporter on the TV news tell me that 14 percent of small business owners plan to cut their work force.

What the news folks did not tell me is that 86 percent of small business owners will not cut their work force.

Bob Faulkner
Prairie Village



Cool stat, Tima. But the figures I can find show max unemployment as 24.8% in 1933. Bad, but...



During the Great Depression, unemplyment reached 50%. Do you think people were upbeat because the other 50% had jobs? Everything is relative. Fourteen percent of small businesses laying off workers is a huge number.

I suppose the letter writer also believes that when ocean temps rise three degrees, it's no different than his bath water rising the same amount.


Well, I gues that showed me. Not only showed everything but printed my compmaint twice.


What's with this site? I nade a number of posts last night and they are all gone.


What's with this site? I nade a number of posts last night and they are all gone.

Stifled Freedom

True, but our economy is built on a very narrow margin of 1-2% unemployment. Govt tax revenue and personal debt obligations depend on it. A 14% unemployment rate would still be a disaster.


Planned Parenthood will be hiring....and there will be a long list of bridge construction, skilled trade position, union only I might add. You Sprint workers best suit up and get ready to work outside and within the infrastructure. NO more sitting around a nivce plush corporate office.
No worries, most of you will not qualifiy for one red cent of the welfare being handed out.


"If it bleeds, it leads."


balanced-too late, time to go to bed.


You have a point. However, to be fair and unbalanced the number of small business owners,if any, that are planning to hire additional help should also been reported,


"Even with 20% unemployment, 80% of you are still working!!" - Bob

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