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February 21, 2009

‘Lucky sperm’ = light sentence?

A young, drunk driver named Curtis Mertensmeyer speeds down Ward Parkway, then hits and partially dismembers a young pedestrian with his whole life ahead of him. The pedestrian dies, doomed by a driver who fled the accident scene with no regard for the eventually fatal injury. All of this is undisputed by the guilty party. The guilty party gets five years instead of the maximum seven from Judge John Torrence (2/14, Local, “Five year prison term in hit-and-run”).

But wait! It gets better. Mertensmeyer may serve only 120 days and then be paroled. Could it be because he is from Mission Hills and has high-powered attorneys? If not, why the leniency? How many other times has a DUI, speeding, hit-and-run resulting in death resulted in 120 days? Where is the precedent-setting case, please, or the rationale?

Sadly Mertensmeyer has learned only that being the result of a “lucky sperm,” to quote Warren Buffet, means he never has to truly be responsible for any of his bad decisions. Maybe a judge recall and civil action is one way to re-tip the scales of justice.

James Rodewald
Mission Hills


Stifled Freedom

This comes with the conservative rigging of the courts. They protection thier own.

Tom K

The lady in Missouri who allegedly starved her dogs, none of which died, is serving 12 years. I bet she serves a higher percentage of her sentence, too.

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