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February 27, 2009

Make sport of academics

Excellence through competition is primarily addressed to school boards, school officials and PTAs. Some people are misled by all the press and hoopla that sports is at the top in importance. However, there are some who believe education and learning should have the top spot in our schools.

Could we perhaps give some thought to the idea of the schools competing in head-to-head competitions in academics? Wouldn’t a school that sees it scored near the bottom in, say, the math competition, try a little harder? Wouldn’t The Star and other papers be enhanced by adding a section showing scores on academic competitions?

Vince Fellner



I certainly agree, Smarter Than You, with your comment and implication - there is nothing wrong with 80,000 people cheering on a football team. Athletics ARE a part of our life and our education. But...it should not be the primary focus. It should be a diversion from the rigors of the classroom.

Of the 100 million plus working adults in the US only a few thousand make a living as professional athletes. Another handful are born to special circumstances. For the other 99.99% of us, academics will play a major role in defining our lot in life.

Smarter Than You

"what does that say about us?"

We're not that far removed from the Caesar’s marshalling the events at the Amphitheatrum Flavium?


"What? Math is more important than football? "

I'm reading a book that discusses the value we put on careers and how backward we have it. Jobs that we would all agree are vital, like teaching, law enforcement and firefighting, nursing, social work, military service -- all pay badly. Those whose careers don't really matter, like athletes, strippers and celebrities -- they get the big bucks.

So what does that say about us?

Smarter Than You

80,000 people in a stadium cheering "Pass that test. PASS THAT TEST!!!"

That'll happen. . .


What? Math is more important than football? Anyone who believes that must be some sort of misguided liberal pinko.

All one needs do is read the comments from readers following any Star article. It is proof positive that our schools are not performing academically. Most posters are unable to clearly and properly communicate in English, their native language. I can't even imagine how they determine if they get the right change at 7-11.

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