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February 27, 2009

Many gay couples are great parents

Christie Jessee (2/24, Letters, “Same-sex unions”) cites a lack of masculine or feminine parental influence for children of gay couples as justification for gay marriage bans. However, even if it were true that fatherless or motherless families are less than ideal, that is no reason to deny gay couples equal marriage rights.

If only those who would be ideal parents could marry, no one would be married. We don’t grant or deny heterosexual couples the right to marry based on their presumed level of fitness as parents. Why make an exception for gay couples?

Many gay couples already have children, and many make excellent parents despite whatever challenges such families must face. The welfare of these children is better served if their parents have the right to marry than if they do not. We are doing these children no favors by treating their parents as second-class citizens.

Chad Inman
Kansas City



People who are gay should have the right, just like everyone else does, to marry who every they may please. If people think that having 2 fathers or 2 mothers is less ideal, then what does that make the families who have lost a parent or got a divorce and they dont get to see their other parent or whatever the circumstance maybe? It shouldnt matter if they are gay or not, they should be able to marry the person they love just like everyone else. If someone told you, you couldnt marry the person you love you wouldnt have it. So why is it okay for people to say who gays can marry, cuz its most def. not ok what so ever. And to those who say you will go to hell if you are gay, fuck you! im not gay but i have plenty of gay friends and they are the most nicest people i have met! God died for everyones sins, so if you think being gay is a sin well damn looks like they have been forgiven! so let them get married to the person they love and stop trying to control everyone life.


God isnt smiling down on this


As a pastor, I am acquainted with a number of gay and lesbian couples who have children. These couples are no more - or less - likely to have children with gifts or with difficulties.

Gender differences are culturally conditioned and while one might be able to find overarching gender "differences," those differences are no more valid than saying "differences" between Caucasians and African Americans should disqualify their being shared parents, though that was once a prevailing thought.

All of humanity lies on different continua, whether on race, gender, primary sexual orientation, etc. We can find people at all different points along these various yardsticks, and the variety means that unique gifts may be offered to the people whose lives they share. To flatten everyone into either/or categories that limit individual differences denies the creativity of the God that most people claim to follow.

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