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February 15, 2009

Medicinal marijuana

Cliff Village, Mo., recently passed a medical marijuana ordinance that allows seriously ill patients to use marijuana pursuant to the recommendation of a doctor (2/10, A-1, “Burg lights fire by legalizing medicinal pot”).

A 2005 nationwide Gallup poll showed that 78 percent of adults support making marijuana legally available for doctors to prescribe to reduce pain and suffering. A 2004 AARP poll showed that 72 percent of adults age 45 and older think patients should be allowed to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if a physician recommends it.

National support includes the American Nurses Association, the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Missouri Speaker of the House Ron Richard (R-Joplin) should take note of what the public, medical community and at least 13 other states already seem to know and assign House Bill 277 to committee so it can be openly and honestly debated.

Kelly Maddy
President, Joplin NORML
Joplin, Mo.



Great, thanks for the recommendations. Friends from OP are moving out to Lawrence. He's from London, always looking for a good curry. I'll let them know. And we will visit them often.

Pub 17

OMG no. India Palace in Lawrence. There's an India Palace right across from the JoCo main library on 87th, but somehow it isn't half as good. India Palace and Jerusalem Bakery (not Cafe, Bakery, on 43rd by Sheehan's Imports) are the two guaranteed lose-control buffets in the city. And Peach Tree Buffet.

Shi'ite, there goes the diet again.


...India Palace buffet"

WHERE? Local? I have a rogan josh on the simmer right now, but nothing beats the restaurant stuff.

Stifled Freedom

You still have to get a self righteous Washington convinced. That wont be easy when the holy rollers start the lies about marijuana.....and lies make more policy than the truth.

Who knows, they might actually pull out the old lie that started its illegalization in the first place. It was said, in the 1930s, that marijuana induced "wild sexual immoralities amongst white women". Couldn't have that back in the 1930s.

Medical Mary Jane

Speaker of the House Ron Richard claims that one of the issues he is working on this legislative session is health care yet he fails to see medical cannabis as a health care issue. I'd be curious to know how he justifies denying that a plant that can alleviate hundreds of symptoms from thousands of diseases and disorders with no toxicity or lethal dose would benefit the health of Missouri residents.

As a drug war refugee who moved from Missouri to California two years ago, I am appalled at the Speaker's close-mindedness and would welcome the opportunity to share with him how much healthier I have become asa result of safe legal access to my medicine.

Pub 17

...India Palace buffet...


Sliders from Town Topic. The grilled onions do the job.

Smarter Than You

Dave's not here!


Nah, it has to be tacos and onion rings from Jack in the Box. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is highly (HIGHLY) overrated and donuts make me mental. But Lawrence....I could easily be tempted to make a trip to Lawrence. The air smells so.....tokably liberal.

Pub 17

The nearest Jack In The Box is in St. Louis, and it's not worth the trip. However, there ARE Dunkin' Donuts in Lawrence and St. Joe.


"I need a ketchup sandwich"

Whatdya MEAN Jack in the Box went out of business??!! Stop messin' with me here -- tell me it's not TRUE!


Stupid remnant of the age of Prohibition. We should be able to grow it right next to our peppers or roses.

There is no rational reason why the government can continue to be on the wrong side of this issue on so many different fronts.

Pub 17

I need a ketchup sandwich


Anybody seen the Cheetos....lmao......


I completely agree. Marijuana is one of earth's gifts, and it shouldn't be discounted as a legitimate medication just because of its use (and abuse) as a 'stimulant'.


Dude, tell it!

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