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February 28, 2009

Missouri budget decisions

The budget of Missouri is not just numbers. It is a moral document that reflects our core values. With Missouri and our nation in the midst of an economic crisis, there is much danger that some of our most vulnerable neighbors will be left out.

But Missouri does have other alternatives. We have founded a coalition to promote in-depth dialogue about the 2009 budget process and invite your involvement in three ways:

Call, write or visit your elected officials. Let them know about people who are hurting in your community — those jobless, homeless or uninsured.

Join our coalition to speak out together with people of faith and citizens of good will. Read our principles at the link labeled “Join Coalition” at www.moimpact.org/issues. Or request an informational packet by phoning 573-635-2689.

Visit the Missourians for Tax Justice Web site at www.missouriansfortaxjustice.org to learn more about our current unfair, inadequate, and outdated tax system and changes that need to be made. Then speak out with us in support of Tax Justice for a Healthy Missouri (HB 567).

The time to act is now, while there’s still time to influence the state budget decisions that become final in May.

The Rev. John Bennett
Outreach Coordinator, Missouri IMPACT
Jefferson City

Rabbi Susan Talve
St. Louis

Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford
Missouri House District 59
St. Louis



This would be more apt as a news article. In essence, it's a call to arms to fall in with Obama's "get that upper 2% ".

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