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February 07, 2009

No middle ground on abortion

Sorry, Ellen Goodman, there will never be a middle ground on abortion (2/1, Opinion, “On abortion, common ground is still elusive”). On one side are those like yourself, who consider an innocent human life to be a disposable object. On the other side are those who consider the taking of innocent human life in the womb to be a despicable, barbaric and heinous act that will continue to shame our nation for as long as abortion endures.

I wonder if Ms. Goodman would seek a middle ground regarding slavery or genocide? Abortion is wrong, plainly and simply. Those who believe and hope that we are still one nation, under God, will respect and obey his commandments, particularly, “thou shalt not kill.”

Regarding the so-called “progressive” wing of the pro-life movement, ultimately they have chosen the pro-abortion position. For those who are not for God and his commandments are against God and his commandments.

Francis Slobodnik


Dan Beyer

Here let me hold your hand: What comes out of the womb is a baby.
That's because it was a baby in the womb!

Pub 17

Dan finally gets it right!


Thank God you've come to your senses, and can go do something else now.

Dan Beyer

What about the destiny of the baby that's terminated?
By the way regardless of when life is decided by us who live, what's coming out of the womb is a human being and only a human being.

Pub 17

The difficulty is explaining why a heartbeat. Why not a brainwave? Why not the quickening? Why not conception? Why not parturition?

If it's a personal decision, go for it. When you're talking about deciding the fate of somebody else, you really need to have something more than a gut feeling of what makes you feel queasy to set the guidelines for what's acceptable and what's not.

T. Hanson

ahh the with us or against us arguement.

I agree we should go with the heartbeat rule. Once the kid has a heartbeat they should not be terminated.



No argument from me on that point, when the heart is extinguished you are talking dead child, IMO.

My opinion on this has not changed since the 702. If abortion is legal then women are within their rights to terminate under the law. That does not mean they are not taking a life, and they should be aware that is the case.. The entire when life begins issue doesn't matter because it is impossible to know for sure.

Pub 17

Nancy Boy
Why are you concerned? The only thing you'll ever sire is mildew in your towels.



"You want to read that as "pro-abortion"? Consider an ESL class."

Consider investing in a dictionary.



"Further I don't agree with Francis that Pro-choice means Pro abortion."

Francis has the dictionaries on her side. They make no distinction between "pro-choice" and "pro-abortion."


You're right, bud. There's no such thing as a pro-life female.

bud 25

Jungle Jack is correct in that Prochoice does mean we are in favor of having a mother CHOOSE what happens to her body. It is not right for some man to decide what she does with her body, unless we wish to take huge jump back in time when women were property.


"It is impossible to determine when life begins."

Solomon - we know when it ends... when a baby's heartbeat is snuffed out.

Sorry, Pub - I stand by my statements. Pro- choice means that you are in favor of people choosing to abort pregnancies.

... what am I missing?


It is impossible to determine when life begins. No one can prove it one way or the other.

Pub 17

As you're well aware Dan Beyer and others are trying the childish trick of discussing the murder of human beings as if the matter of whether a fetus is a person were decided and those opposed are heartless murderers. Kid crap, and after a while it gets hard to remain even remotely polite about it.


Dan, you are the personification of my point. It's too bad.

Dan Beyer

Yeah only 25 million human beings losing their lives?
What a deal!

Dan Beyer

Yeah, I apologize for wanting all human beings to have rights like being able to live.
I'm just a radical I guess when it comes to that.


Um, I think reduction in the next 40 years from 50 million abortions to 25 million would be pretty darn successful. Sign me up!

It seems to me it would behoove prolifers to work on compromise at this point as it looks like Obama is going to get the next several justice picks and Roe v. Wade will be the law of the land for at least the next 25-30 years.

I personally think Roe v. Wade is medically out of date as it allows abortions up to 28 weeks and babies born at 24 weeks are surviving regularly. However, as the extreme prolifers seem utterly incapable of having a rational discussion on this topic, Roe v. Wade is here to stay.

Dan Beyer

A baby in the womb is called a fetus.
Fetus. Baby. we're talking about the same thing.


Pub 17
So only citizens can have abortions? I didn't know that. I did know, however, that we have laws on the subject in Kansas that are not being enforced.

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