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February 11, 2009

Nuts to FEMA

Unless you have been living in a cave recently, you have heard about the salmonella-contaminated peanut products. Despite all this widespread coverage, the Federal Emergency Management Agency sent 168,000 emergency meal kits containing peanut butter to Kentucky residents following a devastating ice storm there (2/6, A-2).

Although residents were eventually warned not to eat the peanut butter, FEMA officials were obviously asleep at the switch. Can FEMA ever do anything correctly?

Jane Toliver



We both know the blame game can get silly. I was just tweaking jack who seems to have gone off the deep left end. But it does seem that President Obama has shown little concern over the ice storm related problems in Kentucky.

Dan Beyer

I didn't say Jimmy Carter was responsible for FEMA's failures!!! Next time READ my post! I replied to your wrong idea that Bush began FEMA!
FEMA is run by people who sometimes makes mistakes. It's a good organization and we all should be glad it's there to help us.
The blame game isn't going to improve it's efficiency.

T. Hanson

Just like everything was Clinton's fault when it was under Bush's watch?


Didn't know communication was that bad in Des Moines, but a man named B. H. Obama is now president. It was "under his watch" that the events occurred. My apologies to the many slavering leftists from whom I copied the phrase "UNDER HIS WATCH".




This seems to be much ado about nothing. Read the article.

The DOD was made aware that the peanut butter in the MRE's MAY be tainted (the article says, "we're just being extra cautious"). Somewhere lost in the communications channel, FEMA didn't get the message until after the MRE's had shipped. They subsequently issued a warning to discard the peanut butter, and 168,000 meals were served to hungry people (albeit minus the peanut butter).

Problem solved. What's the issue?


So, let's see now. FEMA's failures are the fault of Jimmy Carter? Where is the boogyman Bill Clinton in all this? And now that Obama has been President for what, three weeks, isn't everything that has happened since his fault? Or even before he was in office?

Now, who was in charge when FEMA was made better by being merged into "Homeland Security"? Don't seem to remember. Last I heard Homeland Security, along with the DOD, are part of the Executive Branch of government. I wonder, who was in charge of the Executive Branch for the last 8 years?

Was it, "Notme" or "Idaknow"?

mike d

Exactly when did this occur? I need to know which president to blame


“Can FEMA ever do anything correctly?”

FEMA does a very good job with training and professional development. They offer on-line independent study courses for professionals and for the general public, their grants fund local courses for first responders and pay for travel to out-of-state classes.

FEMA also does a good job with public assistance. They provide funding to help local governments recover from disasters and mitigate hazards. But I’m not a fan of individual assistance, and wish the Federal government would get out of that business. I think there’s too much fraud and waste in that area.

Welcome back, jack!

Jeff H

Jack, FEMA has been around for years, as was mentioned before... Bush didn't set it up, but his appointees to run it sure didn't do that agency all that much good, if recent history says much...


Just lost a post I think.

Listen had the folks in Kentucky handled it right, you know rioting and looting Wal-marts they could have gotten National Press coverage and FEMA would have been trashed again, while letting local incompetent authorities skate.

bTW "School Bus Ray Nagan" was re-elected as Mayor in New Orleans wasn't he?

Dan Beyer

FEMA wasn't set up by Bush.
FEMA can trace it's beginnings all the way back to the Congressional Act of 1803. That was when the government started organizing Federal responses to disasters and such.
In 1979 President Jimmy Carter issued Executive Order 12127 to consolidate all the different agencies into one.
That's who started FEMA, not your latest hate target.


This is what happens when you expect government to take care of anything, they screw it up. Now if the person that made the call to send them is an Obama appointee then never us mind.


... should read "can never DO anything right".


This is really an issue? I present this letter (and jack's comments) as proof that to some people, one side can never to anything right.

If you actually read the article you will see that the DOD was notified of the possible contamination in January, but FEMA wasn't notified by the DOD until after the meals had been shipped.

It makes no matter either way. 168,000 meals were served (minus peanut butter) to hungry people.


Remember, FEMA was set up by ole' G.W. Bush and his buddies.

Just another part of his "legacy".

"Great job, Brownie!"

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