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February 21, 2009

One angry Democrat

Republicans don’t have a monopoly on anger these days. Consider me one angry Democrat.

I don’t even live in California, but I’m angry the state will have to foot the enormous medical bill for the recently born octuplets during a serious budget crisis.

My family lives in a house that’s older and smaller than we wanted, but we can afford it. It’s little surprise that I’m angry at the countless irresponsible buyers who took on risky loans to purchase homes well beyond what they could afford. While I’m venting, I’m angry at the banks who offered these loans to begin with.

And speaking of banks, I’m angry that CEOs who headed failing companies were given bonuses for their “performance” and had the gall to accept them. Merrill Lynch’s John Thain, whose apparent first priority was redecorating his office for more than $1 million? Curses!

Sadly, venting doesn’t make me any less angry.

Tina Aspegren
Kansas City


Smarter Than You

Pub, Pub, dear delusional Pub:

Perhaps you SHOULD diagram the sentence, because you would see that the point was that these executives are just following a business model put in place by the UAW.

You seem to be a very angry little man. I’m sure your beloved English Prof had one other saying, “Pub, don’t be a freaking moron!”


So you endorse government stealing and lack of accountability? That figures since you like to bob the knob.

Pub 17

Hahahahahahaa little pho boy got hammered by his ex-, still whines about it twenty years later. Get a life, little pho boy. Or at least bring me a couple of lettuce rolls, hurry now, don't make me impatient.


Then the truth is revealed and no acountability enforced on these criminals.



What's really annoying are the failed social programs that recieve hefty bonuses for committing fraud and libel.


Pub 17

The individual foolishly describing herself as "Smarter Than Pub 17" claimed that the UAW provided the working model for overpaid executives, which was outrageous, not I.


Pub 17
I'll say this for you. You frequently provide irrefutable proof of your often repeated anecdote.


Pub 17
No one has demonstrated that executive pay in automotive companies is a significant part of the problem. The real item is the "Heritage Costs". So long as their competition was also faced with these costs, there was no problem except for the consumer. When the competition was widened to include companies that did not have this load, the problems became apparent. Also the competition has control of its work place, the "Big 3" does not in this country. This work place control may be more significant than the pay differential.

Pub 17

What are you talking about? You think a comparison between an American line worker making 30% more than his Japanese counterpart (look it up, counting benes) and an American executive making ten to fifty times his Japanese counterpart is a big "gotcha!" on unions? As my kindly old English prof said years ago, wiping the cobwebs from his scrotum, "Just because you can form a sentence that's diagrammable doesn't mean it has objective content."

Smarter Than You


To quote one of the snarkier members of this community: "educate yourself before you post."
Voluntary? Yeah, right. Otherwise, I agreed that some executive compensation is out of control. The model for overcompensation has been in place for years. . .as I also pointed out.

Pub 17

The UAW has voluntarily entered into new agreements that radically reduce the automakers' health-care obligations. What new agreements have executives entered into?

Smarter Than You

Whispering (or is it Whimpering?):

We all agree that executive level compensation is out of control. But didn’t they just follow the UAW playbook? They were willing to wreak havoc on their companies/industries so they could get a personal financial win.


Our CEOs and Wall Streeters deserve their multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses and gold-plated commodes because they're the best and brightest of us. If they weren't compensated so well, they'd leave for greener pastures and we'd all be in real trouble as their banks then failed in their absence.

As long as the CEOs are making millions, they'll keep buying yachts and needing lawn care at their seaside villas to keep the rest of us employed.

$14-28/hr UAW wages are excessive and must come down so that we can be competitive with the commie Chinese and Mexicans.

America will only be truly rich and successful when most of us (you) are working for peanuts.


You voted for all that "health care" and taxation Tina baby, you made that bed, now you sleep in it.

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