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February 18, 2009

‘Overload payments’ or bonuses?

“Before he became the athletic director at Kansas State, Bob Krause was paid nearly $250,000 by K-State’s athletic department” (2/14, Sports, “Payments to Krause detailed”).

K-State president Jon Wefald likened the payments to Krause of six annual checks ranging from $35,000 to $52,500 to “overload payments.” Overload payments were described as payments to university employees and professors deemed by their superiors to have assumed extra workload or responsibilities.

“Overload payment” is an obvious euphemism used to disguise “employee bonus” as used in the private sector. Given the explosive increases in college tuition, it seems obvious to me that tax-supported institutions such as K-State should be required to give a full accounting of bonus amounts and the justification for paying them.

Publishing annual salaries means nothing if a professor earning $95,000 is also paid a 25 percent bonus.

Bruce A. Bedier
Kansas City, Kan.



No one says a damn thing about government agencies forking out big bonuses to their deadbeat executives then screaming their state budgets are in disarray.

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