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February 25, 2009

Plaza risky for pedestrians

Recently, I caused a traffic accident. Fortunately, I was not breaking any laws or rules of the road. Neither was the cabdriver who was rear-ended.

I was trying to cross 47th Street at Central in my motorized wheelchair. After many cars rushed through the intersection oblivious to the crosswalk, a cabdriver finally stopped for me. As I started across the street, I heard screeching of brakes and saw the driver behind him rear-end him, all because he was following the law by stopping for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Those of us who live in the Country Club Plaza neighborhood witness incidents like mine frequently. Drivers are oblivious to pedestrians trying to cross the street in a crosswalk. Many of us have begged Plaza management, the city and the Police Department to make crosswalks more visible to drivers by striping them, adding signs, giving tickets or even lowering the speed limit.

Will it take an injury, death or a mangled wheelchair for action to be taken to make these streets and crosswalks safer for our citizens?

Susie Haake
Kansas City



I am an able-bodied person who feels uneasy walking in the plaza. Lowing the speed limit sounds like a good idea, but only might solve the problem. There is a lot of traffic to contend with.


I think we doth protest too much. More signage? Yeah, that's all I want in my life.

"Signs, signs everywhere there's signs blockin' up the scenery and changin' my mind. Do this, don't do that, can't you read the signs?"

I have two solutions for you:
1. Use the traffic lights at Jefferson or Wornall/Broadway to cross 47th.
2. Get proactive and make crossing the street memorable... how?

I'll tell ya at the PlazaBUZZ blog: http://plazabuzz.blogspot.com



Please try and hold dear the good memories of Daniel. I know he was taken too soon and I feel your pain. One of the things I know for sure is that some things make no sense.


life-please help us. We in return will help insure causes like your's also are heard and acted upon. We must take back justice and what's right for the4 safety of our community--lives are at stake. I do again thank God for your safety and this driver's awareness- it could have turned out so painfully different.


I too am so thankful that the driver was aware-not drunk,speeding, and then blaming you for being in his path of destruction. My son, Daniel Riemann, worked at the plaza for several years- i guess he relied on aware drivers- unfortunately the driver who hit and killed him was not as awre- drunk actually, but thanks to Judge Torrence he will serve a lengthy 120 days. Anyone in this area who can help us in the4 recall of this judge for his disregard for


Thanks for this letter it is so true.


I'm glad Susie was not hurt. What she is suggesting is rational, signs like they have on Johnson Dr between Roe and Metcalf.

Shame she doesn't realize that would be bad for business.

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