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February 25, 2009

Power & Light District dress code

Thank goodness the Kansas City Council has decided to act on the seminal issue of our time: the dress code at the Power & Light District (2/21, Local, “Council reviews Power & Light clothing code; Proposal would prevent developers that get city subsidies from imposing many tough restrictions”). I applaud their efforts to reduce standards.

The very idea of holding high standards and expecting the public to comply discriminates against those who want to wear jeans halfway down their backsides. Think about the white T-shirt industry and all the business they’ll lose if patrons are forced to wear a shirt of a different color. Catastrophe.

Thanks again, City Council, for attacking this important issue. What’s next? Solving the city’s public school problem?

Mike Weaver



The P&L is introuble finacial not because of "RIFF RAFF, THUG MENTALITY" its because who they targeted to come down there didnt show up. In the mean time all the self respected black white and mexicans that are kept out because of a mutil billion doallar a year industry cant get in. Style is differnt all over and just because you particulay wouldnt wear it doesnt mean everyone that does is "Thuged out". Wall street has put more people in-jail for stealing your momney that "riff raff" so think about it and allow the black hip-hop dollar add to the funds that the P&L needs. hey seems to me when I (USE)to go down there most of the music I heard was hip-hop!


Pub 17-clever and impressive with thr Rocky Horror lines.

Solomon-maybe even more impressive that you caught it. Took me awhile. Too much fog. I disagree on P&L. It's got a ways to go, but it's already made a huge impact on what was a wasteland of a downtowm. In a down economy too.


The dress code is appropriate and that being said how can you defend power and light who are not from around here either?

Stifled Freedom

Tumbleweeds will be blowing around the Power and Light district soon. It's a loser. They cant generate enough revenue to pay the bonds.

Maybe the nude dancing clubs and massage parlors of the 1980s will come back.

Pub 17

Best local reference--

Wichita, 1980, during That Scene where Frank visits Janet, then Brad-

Frank: "Oh, come on, Brad, it's no crime to give yourself over to pleasure!"
Hammered Wichita crowd: "IT IS, IN KANSAS!"


Rocky horror picture show?


Pub 17

Riff Raff?
It's astounding...
Time is fleeting...
Takes its toll...


"riff raff".....if I remember my Underdog villains correctly he was a snappy dresser.....

We've discussed this issue ad nauseum, but after AG holders comment....

The code SHOULD be enforced to keep sloppy pants around the ankle and XXXXL T-shirts out. There is no disagreement there. The facts are though that it targets African American males who wear the style that is in fashion. Clean, pressed and well dressed individuals should not be kept out simply because they make white suburnanites uncomfortable.

Don't think this is about race, read the comments under this article today....



Shoes and shirts should be required, but when I read about the particular restrictions in the dress code, it seemed like they had gotten together, decided what kind of clothing is worn by "riff raff" and made their decision. And since "riff raff" also pay taxes, they should be able to wear what they like in the District.


"Mike Weaver....Lansing"

An opinion from some yaahoo who doesn't live in KC and is not taxed to support this fiasco of a venue.

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