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February 01, 2009

Praise for Bush

I want to say thank you to letter writers Kate Pithan and Dawn Bullok (1/25) for saying many of the things that I have wanted to say about President Bush and his presidency, but have not be able to come up with the words.

I get so angry reading about and witnessing the terrible way the Bushes have been treated, and I am grateful that these two ladies were able to say what I could not. I pray that history will give President Bush the credit he deserves.

Judy Matthews
Blue Springs


Dan Beyer

...and superman Obama is turning out to be but a mere mortal not coming through with all his promises. Imagine that, Presidents are flawed and imperfect human beings just like us.

Art Chick

BUSH=Worst Presdident EVER.
US=in ruins from his idiocy and greed
Judy=head in the sand


Only history will provide the answer. Pine all day about how flawless Bush was, or rant all day bout how evil he was, it doesn't matter. As previous presidents have proven, it's IMPOSSIBLE to predict how history will judge them.

Whispering, what's with the "fake quote because this is what I think he would have said" thing?


Well said Judy. Even the Ammor Humper and Tina the B I itch will come around after two years under Jimmy Carter's second term in 2010.


Fine, Judy. You go visit his library when it opens. I'll just stay here and clean the lint filter in the clothes dryer.


George W. Bush: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

I pray that history will give President Bush the credit he deserves.



Funny Dan. Crazy funny!

Dan Beyer

Just how the hate-filled propagandists of the 1930's and '40's whipped the ignorant believers of blind hate into a murderous mob mentality, so too have the liberal media turned the cartoon watchers into a force of easily led slaves of their basest instincts.
How utterly pathetic.

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