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February 23, 2009

Punishing financial thugs

What the U.S. needs is some penal code modifications to make it easier and quicker to put finance miscreants like Bernie Madoff in jail and seize all their assets.

Just as drug dealers can lose any belongings used in a drug deal, executives who cost retirees, future and present, their savings should lose every asset they own up to the amount they lost.

Suing these crooks in civil court is way more civil than they deserve.

Joe McCarthy
Kansas City


Pub 17

Are you familiar with McCain's actions re: the two Hagel bills? It's late and I'm not going to go dig up the Thomas cites. It was not only very, very weird but McCain (or his camp) later bragged of McCain's fight for reform. I don't recall Obama claiming credit for things he didn't do.

Smarter Than You

Actually Pub, since your screed is about votes in the Senate, how would you classify Obama's vote to protect communications companies that participated in "illegal wiretaps" from civil suits? A moral stand? Bravery?

Smarter Than You

Pub has three basic insults. Stain on the pants, diagram, or his old prof. We've all seen them on every blog. Maybe mom should make you leave the basement and get a "j o b!" Or at least learn some new material.

The point of my missive was that using the criteria you offer to proclaim Senator McCain a "coward" also makes the President a "coward." Your personal attacks aside, do you care to deal with the issue at hand? Otherwise, you're all sizzle and no steak, son!

Pub 17

Snarker Than Me, do YOU have any idea what you're talking about? Do you have an actual issue to raise, or are you stumbling about trying to form a diagrammable sentence?

Incidentally, one of your far-right brethren was arguing vehemently on this blog that Obama never actually promised to end don't ask, don't tell, but has been waffling on making a commitment. Why don't you people settle this and get back to us?

Smarter Than You

Simple question. Under the prevailing definition of "cowardice" in this blog is Barak Obama a coward?

He promised an immediate end to "don't ask don't tell."
He promised "transparent and accountable.”
He didn’t serve his country in the military.
I could go on, but the litany of failures to follow through in the name of political expediency is obvious.

Simple answer; based on the criteria set forth by others on this blog, our President is a coward.

Pub 17




Are you a veteran?


It is not all Washington's fault, and there is no "they" to blame. We elect these people. They come from our ranks. It is all our fault.


This blog is a hoot! Always trying to pinpoint whose fault this mess is. It is all of Washington's fault. I don't see any innocents on either side of the aisle.
Sarah Palin was absolutely not ready for prime time, but I think her appeal was that she came from outside the beltway. I think most Americans are just sick and tired of the usual politicians who are all out for no one for themselves.
I think they all go there with good intentions, but dealing with the lobbyists and big money donors, they become bought and paid for.
I know that sounds very cynical, but after watching politics for so long, I'd love to find the politicians who I really felt were working for the good of the people.
They are all to blame.

Pub 17

No one would ever mistake you for a liberal poster on this blog, little Roger. You're one more noncombatant chestthumper trying to put on the mantle earned by real men, and aren't worth beating on any further.

Roger Lambert

Pub 17, if I were a liberal poster on this board, I would distance myself from you immediately. Calling war heroes cowards is in extremely bad taste, because many democrats have fought and died for this country, you tiny little weasel.

Pub 17

Roger Lambert, I criticized him by calling him a coward. I called him a coward because he tucked his tail and ran when it was time to stand up and fight for the Hagel Bill.

And you still don't know what I'm referring to, do you, you ignorant twit?

Roger Lambert

Pub 17, you didn't criticize him. You called a coward. Again, you aren't 1/1000 of the man John McCain is, not even close.

Tina, you jumped my butt for jousting with Pub 17. And now you can't even stand up for McCain when a weasel calls him a coward? Enough.


John McCain's war record is stuff of legends, but it has evolved into a kind of McCain Mythology that's supposed to limit criticism of the man. Oh no, can't attack McCain, he's a war hero!

Well, yeah, you can go after him, because in recent years, he's become a hypocrite. He has compromised his values -- the same values that earned him such hero worship in the first place.

His defense of Kerry in the swiftboating attacks was lukewarm at best, and once he had made his statement, he backed off. After all, he headed up Bush's reelection campaign in Arizona and couldn't be seen to be too supportive of Bush's opponent.

I began to lose all respect for McCain when he got in line behind Bush, even in the wake of the disgusting and scurrilous attack on his family in the push polling scandal during the 2000 primaries. Always the good soldier, he went along to get along. He swallowed some very bitter medicine and never uttered a word of complaint...at least not inpublic. His temper is as legendary as his herosim, and I can't say I blame him for losing it from time to time.

The same team of political operatives who launched the attack on McCain in 2000 are the real villians here. Go after THEM for libeling your war hero, his wife and his daughter. You know who they are; they're the same bunch McCain hired to work his own campaign last year. The same cabal of bottomfeeders who had smeared him into defeat and possibly ushered George W. Bush into the White House.

He compromised his values for political expediency. Maybe he thought he couldn't win without making a deal with the devil. If you think that fits the definition of cowardice, I can't disagree with you.

Pub 17

That's rich. Either all war heros are immune from criticism, you fascist pig, or just the short, puffy ones are. Please clarify. And PLEASE do something about that stain spreading across the front of your khakis.

Roger Lambert

"Then please provide incontrovertible proof that you were standing at the barricades when dimwitted right-wing loons smeared John Kerry in 2004. Otherwise, why not admit that, yes, you're the brainless ranter I've accused you of being, and get it over with?"

That's rich. You have proven yourself a racist and someone willing to smear a war hero. I'm not sure how you can come back from that one. If you have comments from me against Kerry, then post them. Otherwise, you've got nothing.

Tina, I'm not surprised by your selective outrage at all. Pub 17 is worth defending; war heroes and POWs, not so much...


You're right, I wasn't.

Pub 17

Let's keep it going on two fronts, dimwit. You want to quash dissent, like most Republicans, and in this case you want to quash dissent about current matters because of McCain's war record.

Then please provide incontrovertible proof that you were standing at the barricades when dimwitted right-wing loons smeared John Kerry in 2004. Otherwise, why not admit that, yes, you're the brainless ranter I've accused you of being, and get it over with?

Roger Lambert

And I was expecting our resident censor/judge to show up and call out Pub 17 for smearing a war hero and POW.

No, I guess Tina wasn't interested in this case.

Pub 17

And having no facts to back you up, you take advantage of an anonymous blog to call names. Do you even know how to find Thomas? Are you prepared to defend McCain's actions intelligently?

Oh-when it comes to the smearing of a war hero, you were there in 2004 to help suppress all the nasty crap Republicans were saying about John Kerry, right?

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