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February 26, 2009

Stimulus a step toward socialism

The so-called “stimulus” bill President Obama signed is one more step toward the socialist regime he wants to establish. This bill will stimulate one thing — votes for Obama in 2012. It is basically a payback to all the liberal organizations that put him in the White House, organizations like ACORN and Planned Parenthood.

The package will make it harder on hardworking Americans so that more money can be handed out to President Obama’s friends. It puts us deeper and deeper into debt. What new jobs will this package create? Where is the money coming from? The construction projects will just make the construction company owners richer, not provide jobs for more Americans.

Mainline media members don’t dare question President Obama and the liberal Congress. May God have mercy on us.

Glen Averill


Smarter Than You


I have to ask; are you being purposely ironic or are you really that obtuse? After the left has heaped scorn on the Republicans for lack of response to Katrina you are really questioning the amount of federal outlay to the state of Louisiana? What’s next on your agenda, blaming handicapped children for wheelchairs?


"Better question, Tina. Did you pay more in taxes than you got in your stimulus check?"

We missed the cut.


If the social service comes out or taxes, that's redistributing income. If it comes from borrowed money, that's redistributing wealth. There are cases were public assistance is required. As we found under the LBJ welfare system, the problem is that there are a lot of those who, although they are capable of taking care of themselves, will sponge on public assistance if they can.



Why not ask that question of, oh I dunno, Bobby Jindal? His state received far more in federal pork than it pays in taxes.

Smarter Than You

Better question, Tina. Did you pay more in taxes than you got in your stimulus check?

Marx and Engels may not consider the current proposals a "socialism", but it is another step down that slippery slope.

My objection is more basic. Given our abject failure to fully fund current federal obligations why should we be adding more?


Oh for God's sake, most things done with our tax money could qualify as "redistributing wealth" -- that's just some godless commie expression resurrected during the campaign to scare people into thinking we were turning pink.

Medicaid redistributes wealth. Would you do away with it? Would you take away the healthcare coverage for a financially struggling famliy with two grown autistic sons who will never be able to care for themselves? And what would you do with an elderly Alzheimer's patient with no family who has lived long enough to use up his entire nestegg and cannot afford nursing home care? Medicaid comes to the rescue of people like these, who through no fault of their own could not make it otherwise.

Frankly, I'd rather have my tax dollars helping people like this than being squandered by Halliburton, KBR and Blackwater (oh, excuse me...Xe) in Iraq.


Any time the Government undertakes indebtedness to fund social programs it is dealing in Obama's cherished "wealth redistribution". When the government borrows money it is borrowing it against the net worth of the citizens. As the benefits of most social programs go to those of lower average net worth, the government is redistributing wealth. And obviously Obama has in mind that any "payback" will cone from those with higher income. As a news magazines has said, we are all socialists now. Welcome to the USSA. .


So Glen, did you spend that stimulus check you got in the mail last year, or did you return it to the Treasury Department?

Pub 17

And the Pelosi mouse! Don't forget about the Pelosi mouse!


Payback to ACORN, Planned Parenthood and ... the all powerful UNIONS!!!

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