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February 17, 2009

Tax junk food, too

Although I approve of the federal cigarette tax hike (2/16, A-1, “Will cigarettes end up a lifesaver?”), why not make a full-scale effort to improve children’s health and slap a 62-cent-a-pack bump on, say, snack cakes, candy bars, chips and soft drinks? Encouraging less consumption of junk food would help tackle the epidemic of obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol in children.

If we are serious about this issue, healthier eating would surely reduce the cost of children’s care in the future. Prevention is always cheaper than treatment.

Martha Taylor



Perhaps not being able to buy candy with food stamps would help too huh?


Every school cafeteria should have a weekly Tofu Day.


Somneone would have to be the arbiter of what constitutes junk food. Who would that be? Sure, some foods are clearly junk, but kids can become just as obese and unhealthy eating too much homemade bread and sharp cheddar cheese.

Taxing junk foods is a terrible idea and it's governm,ent intervention we absolutely do not need. This is a parental responsibility. It isn't impossible to get your kids to like fruits, vegetables, fish and healthy soups and stews made from scratch. My mom did it. Some of my fondest memories are of my mom teaching me to bake bread and make a mean beef burgundy.

Other parents can do it, too.


Thanks for your input Martha, how are things in the Food Nazi's world today.....gimme a break....

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