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February 17, 2009

The blame game

Before Jan. 20, everything that happened was Bush’s fault, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s responses to natural disasters. Now that tainted peanut products have been sent to the victims of the ice storm, it’s FEMA’s fault.

What am I missing?

Rex Hargis



I'm talking about making extravagant claims and then acting as if there really wasn't all that big an emergency. The "Mainstream Media" would have been all over Bush like a wolf pack, in Obama's case they act like a collection of lap dogs.


"Can you imagine the clamor if President Bush pulled such a trick?"

Bush? Such a trick? WMD and mushroom clouds? You made an opening large enough to drive a Peterbilt through with that question.

I talked to an engineer coworker who returned to our former employer last year, only as a temp now instead of a direct employee. He just received a note from purchasing that his "salary" is being cut by 15% effective immediately. He said he'd tell 'em where to file their pay cut but no one is hiring to move off to. The first thing that hit me was that he now deals with purchasing instead of HR on job issues but I guess that's the new reality of working in modern America.

Business fell over a cliff in December. It was fine until last summer when it began to fade and at the end of the year ... whoosh ... over the cliff and into the abyss.

Engineer doesn't get it.


Whispering has reassured me. Obama makes a huge point about how vitally important it is to pass the "stimulus" bill immediately, at once, NOW! Then he leaves on a three day vacation without signing it. Can you imagine the clamor if President Bush pulled such a trick? But it's OK, because as whispering points put, it's all Bush's fault.


Alan Greenspan. He's back in the news today and another one we could all blame. The faults could also be spread around to his banker friends on Wall Street.

The WSJ had something today titled, "Destroy Detroit to Save America!!". At first I thought this might only be more of their continuing jihad against the UAW but it's more than that.

Translated it should read, "Destroy America to Save Wall Street".


Bush layed out the foundation our current messes are built on.

The foundation was made of only sand. It's the kind of foundation you'd expect a "hands-off", laissez faire kind of idealogue to build.

Made worse if the "hands-off" thing was only a smokescreen for something worse.

mike d

One thing is for certain. If and when another disaster hits and FEMA actually functions as it should, there will be no credit given to Bush. You can have drill after drill to prepare for disasters, but there is no substitute for the real deal.

Roger Lambert

I admire Whispering to KC's candor. It's clearly safe to never listen to a thing he says ever again.


Sometimes, my knees hurt in the morning.

Yes, that's also Bush's fault.


Not only is everything before Jan 20 Bush's fault but many things after and into the foreseeable future are also his fault.

With each death overseas, each terrorist attack, each drop of the stock market, each failed bank, each foreclosed home and each exposed investment fraud ... yes, it's Bush's fault.

Yes, even soiled peanuts are also Bush's fault.


"2. Katrina occurred 4 years into Bush's presidency. He had plenty of time to be prepared. " -- GP

Not only that, but during hurricane season just one year previously, one of the big storms was on track to hit New Orleans and then veered off somewhere else. I can't remember the name of that storm or where it hit (was it Rita?). Anyway, at that time, I remember sitting up in Chicago listening to all the doomsday scenarios being played out on the news -- scenarios that actually happened one year later.

Of course the state and local governments all knew what could happen. There is plenty of blame to go around.

Stifled Freedom

Rex, I guess your willfully missing several facts in you analysis:

1. Some years before Katrina, Bush reorganized the federal govt when he created the Dept of Homeland Security. Isn't FEMA part of that? He also spent years massively increasing the size of these agencies and appointing his cronies to high level positions.

2. Katrina occurred 4 years into Bush's presidency. He had plenty of time to be prepared.

3. Hurricanes occur every year down there. Peanutbutter contamination is not a recurring weather event and is not something to anticipate.

4. The peanutbutter mess was just days into Obama's Presidency....and was undertaken by the leftover cronies that Bush still has in place.

5. You cant expect Obama to micromanaging every aspect of today's massive federal govt in a few weeks time. He had other priorites.

6. Years of lax FDA oversight and enforcement was a culture created by the Bush admin with an anything-goes-for-corporations culture that has yet to be changed.


I tell you those folks in the ice storm should have rioted, looted the local Wal-Marts, shot at helicopters...then by golly they would have gotten some attention!

Being good citizens and relying upon family and friends got them tainted peanut butter....what a world...


"What am I missing?"

That everything's really Bill Clinton's fault?

Or, it's Jimmy Carter's fault?

I just read the "tainted peanuts" guy is related to Jerry Falwell. Small world. I guess cleanliness is next to godliness unless you're making peanut products in a filthy, unlicensed facility using minimum wage help.

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