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February 07, 2009

Today’s kids very active

Mike Trinastich Sr. says he was driving around during Christmas break and didn’t see any kids outside playing so he assumed they were all inside watching videos and getting fat eating junk food (1/30, Letters, “Wake up, parents”). As a parent of two boys, I can say you were looking in the wrong places.

Check out the skateboard park at 77th and Mission Road. On any good day it’s full of kids. Drive out to the Okun or Tomahawk gyms. Evenings, weekends and during holidays, they are packed all day with basketball and soccer games. Or try the Matt Ross Community Center’s pool. There are also kids involved in Scouts, youth groups, dance, service projects and clubs.

If anything, our kids’ lives are too busy with activities, so I don’t think a little break at Christmas is out of line.

Finally don’t accuse all parents of letting their kids veg all day eating junk food. I’m around kids at school, church and activities, and it’s darn rare to see that.

So next time, please try looking around a little harder and don’t make assumptions about all parents and kids.

Brad Hansen
Overland Park



...."parent of two boys",,,,"darn rare"....

Ned Flanders is alive and living in JoCo!

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