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February 16, 2009

Today’s nominees judged too rashly

Sen. Harry Truman had his wife on his office payroll (2/13, Local, “Papers to offer peek at family of Bess Truman”) but he did admirable public service and was a morally brave and effective national leader during turbulent times. Of course, he could not be considered for any high office today, because Bess was on salary.

American history is full of inspiring leaders who pulled our national bacon out of the fire but who would not be appointed, nominated or elected today because of peccadilloes or perceptions of ethical fault in the course of their careers of achievement.

Our haste to discard nominees for irrelevant trivial matters will give us leadership by the bland, timorous and unimaginative.

Michael W. Symanski
Overland Park


Smarter Than You

Three words for Mr. Symanski:
"Transparent! Accountable! Change!"


Hell will freeze over before most of will wish we had Pufster Daschle in any office! Tommy, Tommy, we hardly knew ye! (Thank God!)


People screw up. People neglect, for whatever reason, to pay some of their taxes. They fall prey to human weaknesses. They're not perfect. There are many levels of imperfection, and while I wouldn't want to see a rapist holding public office, I fail to see why an eminently qualified candidate for a position should be judged solely on one flaw. The result? We deny that person's talents for spearheading resolutions to some of our greatest problems, all because we think they should be perfect in every way.

I think Tom Daschle would have made a terrific Secretary of HHS. He messed up and didn't pay some taxes. He paid them, paid the penalties, and apologized profusely. One day we might wish we had had his talent in that office at this critical time, and we'll be kicking ourselves for dismissing him because of a tax issue.

Glass houses, gentlemen...glass houses.


Hell yeah, a few affairs, and or failure to pay your taxes, or raping underage interns is a resume enhancer for the Dems!


Oh well, as long as they are Democrats, what else matters?

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