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February 01, 2009

Updike will be missed

I enjoyed John Mark Eberhart’s moving tribute to John Updike (1/28, A-1). We’ll also miss the man as a perceptive art critic. He was the rare writer who left a huge oeuvre and still crafted every sentence.

Asked about the drudgery of writing during his “In Depth” appearance on Book-TV, I remember his saying: “Even on the dreariest of days, I find that one well-written sentence will lead to another.”

John Updike is at rest. There will be no more dreary days for the Old Rabbit in front of the keyboard, but all lovers of literature will sorely miss those well-written sentences.

Larry Heffel


Barbara Bartocci

I'm new to this blog and would like to respond to a book story that appeared in the STAR about 2 weeks ago. It described a new publishing trend: books of quick prayers, aimed at busy people. It didn't mention that a local Kansas City author has had five such books published under the umbrella title of "GRACE ON THE GO." The newest, due in April is GRACE ON THE GO: Quick Prayers to Ease Money Worries. We have such a wealth of writing talent in our city. I believe it's good to pay heed to local authors.

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