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February 14, 2009

U.S. needs national power grid

Every state in the union is subject to frequent power outages due to various kinds of storms. Some individuals and businesses are still without power long after the ice storm that swept the nation. Yet, like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything. We are still dependent upon the antiquated poles and wires of yesteryear to deliver power. Storms knock them down, and power companies pay large sums of money to put them back up.

I hope the “stimulus package” contains public works funding to develop and install a power grid that can function in all kinds of weather. Creative engineers who already know how to provide power to orbiting space ships should be able to develop systems that benefit earthlings. An undertaking of this magnitude would provide jobs for years to come and be of enormous benefit to all Americans.

President Eisenhower was severely criticized for proposing the Interstate Highway System and had to fight tooth and nail for funding. He finally prevailed, and we have all benefited from the system. If President Obama could achieve the same measure of success with a nationwide power grid, his legacy would be secured.

Kenneth Lee



Sadly, the stim package does not include nearly enough funding for a real revamp of the power grid. There's money allocated for it, but not even a fraction of what is needed. This is a cause I believe in, too -- creating an electrical power grid that is not routinely threatened by wind, ice and tree limbs.

I look out the back of our house and see all these new utility poles, and I just shake my head. NEW POLES -- wooden, leaning after only one year, with cables strung between them. They differ from the old poles in that they are WAYYYYY taller, so it would take a pretty big old oak tree to threaten them. Some improvement. Surely we can devise a way to rid our skies of these hideous things and bury the damned cables. I mean, COME ON.

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