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February 21, 2009

Where’s the stimulus?

Let’s be honest about this stimulus package. Our new leaders have been in office for nearly a month, yet they’ve already managed to shuffle through nearly 1,100 pages of legislation and voted with an overwhelming majority. Sources say not one Congress member has read this entire booklet. Who would want to read 1,100 pages of lawyer talk? I surely wouldn’t, but I didn’t run for that job.

The legislative branch was designed so the people could elect “educated” officials to make decisions. The thought was that the common folk would not be knowledgeable enough to make important decisions. Apparently our lawmakers are no more than common folk who happen to get elected.

What scares me most is many of these men and women will get elected again.

Robert Thompson

For a president who promised a fully transparent administration, it is nothing less than astonishing that this 1,071-page, $800 billion stimulus bill was signed before a full vetting by the U.S. citizens who will be counted on to pay the bill.

Even cursory analysis, however, suggests that precious few of these dollars focus on immediate, truly stimulating economic recovery programs. Rather, hidden nuggets of failed liberal policies have found their way in, such as the Pelosi-Reid-Obama attempt to renew the welfare state. This bill rewards the states that increase their welfare rolls with federal dollars.

President Obama’s supporters argue that many of the initiatives supported in this bill are “shovel-ready.” We’ll need a shovel, all right. It’ll take a long time to dig ourselves out of the excrement provided in this pile of pork.

Gary Pederson
Kansas City

Have you read Obama’s plan to prevent foreclosures? I cannot believe some of the specifics in his package. Lenders will reduce monthly payments to no more than 38 percent of the homeowner’s income. Then we taxpayers would subsidize the payment down to 31 percent of income.

Who is subsidizing my house payment? I was responsible. I borrowed what I could afford. I bought a house I could afford. Guess I’m a fool. Next, if the homeowner pays his monthly payment, we taxpayers send a $1,000 check each year for up to five years to reduce the loan principal. I pay my mortgage every month, and no one is going to give me $1,000 of principal reduction for paying my legal obligation.

Why should any of us be responsible for our decisions? Buy whatever you want, and the taxpayers will bail you out. That’s the Obama way.

Robert H. Henn
Overland Park

I pay my bills, and my credit score is excellent. I have living costs and bills and pay them. What is in the stimulus package for me?

Do you have to be a loser to win in the Obama nation?

David L Davis



Neither did Hussein O.


$79 in foodstamp will definitely make people more prosperous and create good private sector jobs.


There is no way anoyone in Congress or empty suit himself read this.



The Whitehouse has two version available:

1) The Public version


2) The real bill that is being passed of which we are not allowed to see.


Obama is a speed reader along with the rest of Congress. Planned Parenthood will be hiring. Funny, there is nothing innovative as the messiah claims about this bill. We have been implementing CCT/AQCS and renewable energy projects quite sometime now. Just because a job exists does not mean someone will take that job, there are plenty of jobs if someone would get out of their section 8 housing and look.


Pub 17
What she said was that she knew very little about what was in the bill and, in effect, didn't care. Apparently she was not alone. I asked if you knew of any Legislator who professed to an overall knowledge of the bill. Your silence would seem to be a definitive and convincing answer.

Pub 17

Engineer, please find something else to complain about. Strike out the speculation and hypothesizing from your last post, and it boils down to, "Mary Landrieu said she hadn't read the whole bill."


Pub 17
I do know what Mary Landrieu said. Can you quote anyone involved who said they actually had a grasp of the bill's contents? Not its supposed intention, but what it actually provided?? I've listened to quite a few Democratic Party Legislatures talking about the bill and have heard no one claim an overall knowledge of its contents and provisions. Rarely, if ever, do Senators or Representatives actual read complete bills, let alone write them. However, most of the time, they are familiar with "Executive Summaries" or digests outlining the bill's contents and possible effects. In this case, this did not happen. At least, no one has claimed it did.

Pub 17

That's silly and you know it. You want I should take your word that you've heard nothing from anyone that would indicate...
Gee, I give up. With powerful evidence like that, who could possibly trust Congress to have done their job on the bill?


Pub 17
There had been nothing said by anybody that would cause one to think that anyone knew everything in the bill. Sen. Mary Landrieu admitted she knew very little about what was in the bill and cared less. As has been said, what a way to run a government.


Roger Lambert,

Where was the stimulus? If you do not have an answer just continue with the canned crap.

There is no way for you to know the moves Obama is making are wrong, the effects are yet to be determined. All you are doing is bashing at this point, which is stupid and nonproductive.

As I've said, the Bizaro universe really brings 'em out.


The stimulus was also to be found in those checks mailed out last year. Remember those? Band-Aids on bullet wounds.

Roger Lambert

Geez, the same three comments in a row!

If you can't defend the Obama stimulus plan, then blame Bush. It's only been a month, and this is already yawn inducing.

If only the world markets had the same faith as you three...


"Where was the stimulus the past few years?"

It was clustered around Baghdad.

My amazement on the lack of Reep concern over the "off budget" billions (trillions?) wasted in that s***hole over nothing is only exceeded by my amazement over their new found fiscal concerns over spending similar money at home just as the "Bush Depression" takes root.


Where was the stimulus the past few years?

Pub 17

"Don't let anyone read it."
In your ignorance you probably honestly believe that the bill was sprung upon Congress without anyone having a chance to read it. I refuse to do your research for you, but if you were sincere in your desire to be fair-minded about this you'd recognize that the bill had been hashed out in Congress for weeks and that this was simply the agreed-upon final draft.
But, of course, you're looking for sneering points, not honest discourse. Keep it up, Rog, old boy; the public showed they were sick of your kind of partisan yammering in November, you don't recognize it, and any of this crap you pass on from your AM-radio gurus is simply going to help marginalize the Republicans further in the next election.

Roger Lambert

Pub 17, the Obama/Pelosi method of passing a bill is clear as crystal. Write 1,100 pages of spending, don't let anyone read it, and then demand a vote the next day.

I have no idea why you think this is the best way to run a country.

Pub 17

One more dilbert completely ignorant of the process of passing a bill through Congress.

Roger Lambert

I was shocked that Obama went back on his 5 day promise so early in his term and with such a gigantic bill. There's no excuse for such a turnabout.

Pelosi and Co. rammed through $800 billion in borrowed spending, and several hundred fools voted for it before they'd even read it.

Pub 17

Because in 2012 the Original Maverick will pull up and Sarah Palin will jump out, pregnant with triplets, ready, willing, and able to be our next President.

Ooops! The left rear Wide Oval on the Original Maverick's losing air, Rouge. Better keep it pumped up, Bristol's gonna need a ride back from the airport.

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