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February 14, 2009

Who can care for 14 kids?

Mother of newborn octuplets Nadya Suleman said: “What human on this planet is capable to take care of 14 independently without support from family, from friends, from church? No human is” (2/12, A-5, “Octuplets’ mom: No need for welfare”).

I guess now we taxpayers (welfare supporters) can rest easy since Suleman evidently consulted with family, friends and church members and they were all on board to support her stupid quest and were all willing to help pay all the bills.

She didn’t mention her quack doctor. I guess he was the lone holdout who wasn’t willing to help with finances. Oh well, as long as she’s convinced she has everything she needs, and it obviously isn’t going to affect us taxpayers, I guess she can keep on cranking them out. Good luck there, Nadya.

As Dr. Phil would say, “We’ll come back later and see how that’s working for you.”

Bob Jenkins
Kansas City, Kan.

It is my hope that the recent news of the octuplets in California leads to family size becoming a topic of interest. Casual observation has shown me inadequate awareness of the devastating consequences of too many children and not enough adults within a household. I can only imagine that multiple births can seriously compound the problems that will arise from producing too many children too soon, even if only one at a time.

For anyone whose point of reference may be limited to “Cheaper by the Dozen,” I recommend “Fourteen: Growing up Alone in a Crowd,” by Stephen Zanichkowsky. Like “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Fourteen” is a memoir. An important difference is that “Fourteen” is from the perspective of an adult child from an overly large nuclear family, not the perspective of the parents whose decisions created the situation.

Another difference between the books is that whereas “Dozen” has been made into comedic films, “Fourteen” is not funny.

Eleanor Adams Harris
(Number six of 10 children)



Hillary Clinton had the answer for “Who can take care of 14 kids” of in-vitro impregnated single Mothers, ----- “It takes a Village” (AKA John Q!)
An excellent opportunity for anti-abortionist accepting fertility procedures and human meddling in the birth process to ease taxpayer burden by coughing-up a few bucks for the demented Nadya Suleman to raise her brood!

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