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February 26, 2009

Why just a month for black history?

I have always thought that black history should be taught all year, not just one month. Every culture should be taught daily. Monday, black history; Tuesday, white history; Wednesday, Indian history; Thursday, Asian history; Friday, Italian history — not necessarily in this order, but you get the point.

Keep the clock running teaching the same thing again. Why take one month to draw attention to your frustrations, hurts and idiosyncrasies? The curriculum should be written so that it is integrated and inclusive.

Our children are growing up in a society that belongs to them, and they are claiming their inheritance. They must be well-rounded individuals, able to function because they are well-versed in all cultures.

February is the month that many good things are happening, and I am proud. But on the other hand, many depressed feelings are coming out.

We are Americans, worthy of our citizenship, proud and dependable in spite of our past history. Move forward, America, with faith, dignity and respect for all mankind.

A.B. Scott
Kansas City



"We cannot become a unified nation as long as we keep dragging the skin color around as baggage. "

You'd think, wouldn't you? And then we get stories like this:


An African-American roommate I had used to always say,"Do you know why they made February black history month? ... because it's the shortest month of the year."

Stifled Freedom

We cannot become a unified nation as long as we keep dragging the skin color around as baggage.


I think we all look forward to an America when a balanced and honest history of our nation is taught and there is no need for any studies of "them", no matter who "them" is.

American history includes all of "us".

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